Why you shouldn't watch Tenet in the cinema

Or should you? Christopher Nolan's new sci-fi action spectacle is without question a film for the big screen, a film that breaks boundaries in the visual as well as in the narrative and thus ties in with Nolan's past masterpieces; Inception, interstellar. I wish the answer to that question was a resounding “YES!” But it is not. As we all know.

It is the first big blockbuster in cinema in 2020; the first film this year, which I would love to watch my friends on a leash and drag them to the cinema: Tenet, an obscure one Time goes backwards sci-fi action film from the master pen of Nolan, the director who previously worked with Inception and Interstellar dragged entire cinemas into original, strange worlds. There is perhaps no other filmmaker nowadays who understands it better to combine blockbusterism and barely understandable time concepts in the popcorn cinema. And so that everyone she wants to see – that some will talk about her for years after the release months.

In 2010, Inception grossed $ 833 million through cinema alone, garnering 94 awards, including four Oscars. A few years later: Interstellar sucks almost 700 million dollars from cinemas worldwide, wins an Oscar and other prizes. Even more numbers: As I write this, 821,909 people worldwide have died as a result of the coronavirus, about one person for $ 1,000 that Inception earned at the time. The Dark number of the dead? Who knows.

We're not talking about a little indie film that will lure a few people into an unknown cinema chain here and there, we're talking about Tenet: The most important blockbuster in a year without a blockbuster. Is it worth running into theaters? And how many will do that? Are the cinemas full of paper now?

over Amazon Video or Netflix you can usually stream movies from home shortly after their release. It is (hopefully) only a matter of time before Tenet appears there.

About the dying of the cinemas and the measures to prevent the worst

It had been open every week for a hundred years, now it's closed – forever: In Berlin, cinema fans take to the streets to save the venerable Colosseum, a cinema that sits 500 meters from me on Schönhauser Allee. How special this cinema actually was, I only knew when it got through the media: Another corona death whose walls were decorated with film T-shirts and self-painted film posters by those film buffs who demonstrate for the cinema. Save the Colosseum! Save the cinemas!

But is the Colosseum a corona dead or can it hardly be compared? The right thing to do is to help the cinemas, and the right thing to do is to be careful and not endanger anyone. But what is righthe?

Apart from the Colosseum, some cinemas in Berlin are open again, the rules: Distance of 1.50 metersonly every other row and not all seats may be used. Half-empty cinemas by order in which the Mask in the hall but does not have to be kept on. Contact details. As with all these regulations, these are also subject to a trial-and-error principle as to whether they really protect us from increasing case numbers during 'full operation', who knows. So the question is, is it worth the risk?

What do you think: is Tenet worth it?

NoOf course, Tenet is not worth risking other lives; And especially because Tenet does not disappear or become invisible because of it. At the moment the film can only be seen in cinemas, yes. But it will come out on DVD someday, and it will pop up in the Steaming program at some point; maybe even earlier than usual. Sometime Perhaps it will return to the cinemas at a time when we are all vaccinated and the coronavirus is no longer such a serious threat.

You should see Tenet, but not in the cinema:

What about the cinemas? Besides numerous others Fundraisers meanwhile you can also do that Cinema-on-demand streaming service book: Former movies to take home. There are a number of past blockbusters to choose from, and after every fifth film you will receive a 5 euro cinema voucher for your favorite cinema, to which the 5 euro will be transferred at the same time.

It is your decision. However, should you decide to go to the cinema, whether to Tenet or to another film – then at least stick to the rules and consider whether you could leave the mask on for two hours. It is not an impossibility.

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I want to see Tenet as much as you do (in case you want to see him, and read this not just for interest) – in a way, I've been waiting for this movie since the first trailer. But 2020 everything is different. And we have to change too, at least for a short time.

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