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The latest alpha build of the upcoming WoW expansion Shadowlands includes an ominous PvP spell that increases your primary stat. We'll take a closer look at the spell and tell you what its introduction to Alpha could mean.

What will happen to PvP in the next WoW expansion to Shadowlands when Horde and Alliance focus on a common enemy again? A new spell that recently appeared in the current Alpha build at version 34714 gives a little clue as to what PvP fans could expect in the Shadow Lands.

As Wowhead reports, Blizzard added a spell called "9.0 PvP Power" to the alpha that increases the primary value of your character or class based on your PvP power. The description of the spell reads in detail:

  • 9.0 PvP PowerYour abilities have a high chance to trigger Gladiator's Dominance, increasing your $ pri by an amount equal to your PvP Power for 15 sec. (German: Your abilities are highly likely to trigger gladiator dominance and increase your $ pr for 15 seconds by an amount equal to your PvP power.)

The authors of Wow (buy now) head speculate that this spell could mean a return of PvP values, although Ion Hazzikostas rejected these values ​​in an interview with WoWChakra and declared that the Battle for Azeroth PvP system should remain in Shadowlands.

What could the PvP spell mean for WoW: Shadowlands?

Maybe Blizzard has changed his mind and is seriously considering reintroducing PvP values ​​on armor items. That would be a significant change from Battle for Azeroth and Legion, which would mean that players would have to farm equipment separately for PvP and PvE again. However, the spell may also be a relic from previous experiments by the developers, which will no longer play a significant role in the release version of Shadowlands.

What do you think? Do you want PvP power and PvP values ​​back? Or do you think the system should remain as it was before? Write us your opinion in the comments!

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