We have reported about it many times: Bots have been a big problem in WoW Classic – from its release until today. Although those responsible at Blizzard regularly ban thousands of accounts, at last there was only a great wave of bans, but far too often they also meet players who have not violated the user agreement (which repeated investigations and the waiver of the penalties prove time and again).

This morning (November 16, 2020) in WoW Classic on the beautiful server Razorfen: Zig guildless villains farm in the Blackrock Depths.

This morning (November 16, 2020) in WoW Classic on the beautiful server Razorfen: Zig guildless villains farm in the Blackrock Depths.

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In addition: the bots are always finding new ways to circumvent measures taken by the developers. Than Instance limit for dungeons was introduced, for example, countless villains flooded the Blackrock Depths to empty the pockets of the local dwarves hour after hour without the need for an instance reset. Also on the server of the author of these lines are guildless pickpockets around the clock in Germany.

The farmed materials and the gold flushed into the economy then naturally have a noticeable effect on the economy of the server. In some cases, formerly valuable items are becoming cheaper due to the oversupply (for example arcane crystals, which instead of 75+ gold cost only 26 gold per piece), and in some cases the prices for certain goods continue to rise, so that players who do not get gold for money can feel it lose out.

Bots and Classic-TBC – an outlook

It certainly won't be long before Blizzard officially Classic Server for The Burning Crusade announces (we expect an announcement during the for everyone available for free at Blizzcon Online in February). But how big will the bot problem be there? The Youtuber MetaGoblin played WoW for a long time (buy now € 14.99 ) Classic and has been hanging around on private TBC servers for some time now. His prediction sounds bleak:

  • MetaGoblin firmly reckons that bots will be used in large numbers in Outland, for example to farm gas clouds or to dominate areas where primordial fire, primeval water, primeval earth and primeval air can be farmed (throne of the elements, anyone ?!). And since the Blizzard team for WoW Classic is quite small and is getting smaller and smaller due to layoffs and departures, there is not enough capacity to properly process the countless bot reports from the players.

Here is the video from MetaGoblin on the subject:

We also believe bots will remain an issue in Classic TBC. But not necessarily in the two areas mentioned by MetaGoblin. Outland is small, the communities on the servers are probably too big for the few zones (if Blizzard doesn't noticeably increase the number of servers compared to WoW Classic) and the competition will be fierce at all lucrative farm locations. So big that it will probably not be worth farming there for bots (especially on PvP servers).

The fact that the competition is so great is also due to the fact that the solo farming of TBC dungeons is not possible in the way that is currently possible in Dire Maul East, Dire Maul North or in the Blackrock Depths. There are isolated, instanced boxes and ore deposits that you can farm solo as a villain. Otherwise you tend to visit the instances with full groups or just farm in the open world.

Depending on which patch status Blizzard Classic TBC is released with, we rather expect that countless bot-druids in their epic flight form will hunt herbs. Likewise, one must not forget that there are consumables and resources from the current Classic era that are definitely relevant in TBC. Such items can only be farmed more easily by level 70 bots than is already the case. Even back then, vanilla ores or herbs were more expensive than their TBC counterparts – more on this in the special WoW: Rich and poor – the development of gold from Classic to Legion.

We are curious if that Broadcasting input software ban will soon have an impact on the detection and banishment of bots that have been hanging around in groups in dungeons like Stratholme for months. If these bots can also farm TBC dungeons non-stop, with impunity, that would definitely exacerbate the problem.

how do you see it? Do you expect bots to play a big, negative role in Classic TBC too? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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