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The well-known streamer Dr Disrespect has been blocked on Twitch. An exciting theory is circulating on the Internet: Allegedly, he wants to found a new platform together with his colleagues Ninja and Shroud. Is it "Brime"?

Streamer Dr Disrespect's lock came as a surprise. So far it is unclear what happened here. But there are some theories on the Internet. One says that he wants to found a new streaming platform together with his colleagues Ninja and Shroud and Twitch therefore terminated the contract and permanently blocked him.

What's Brime All About?

The Twitter account "Watch Brime" is currently receiving a lot of attention. It is said to be a new streaming service. This account is followed, among others, by Dr Disrespect. Ninja and Shroud. After the end of Microsoft's streaming service mixer, Ninja and Shroud are basically "free" and can look for a new partner – or set up their own service. Rumor has it that Dr Disrespect has encouraged several people to switch to Twitch, which should have caused him a lot of trouble. But that was not confirmed.

At first it was assumed that Brime, at least the provisional name of the service, belongs to Spotify. The company has now denied this. Brime also says that followers mean nothing. The service is said to be operated by only four people. Tonight, June 29, there will be more information about Brime. What will be announced is still unclear.

Brime is currently benefiting from the opaque situation surrounding Dr Disrespect, Ninja and Shroud. It is still unclear why Dr Disrespect was banned and what Ninja and Shroud are now doing after Mixer is out is also unknown. Of course, the rumor mill is bubbling that a new streaming service is emerging. So what should be in the whole thing, we should still find out during the evening.

Source: Forbes

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