On June 26, 2020, Twitch streamer Dr DisRespect was surprisingly banned. Nobody officially knows why. According to rumors, Twitch found out that Dr DisRespect as well as Ninja and Shroud are already connected to a new streaming platform. What's up

What exactly happened? On Friday June 26th, Dr DisRespect's Twitch account was surprisingly banned. So far, there has been no meaningful statement from Twitch. In a statement opposite Polygon it only says "appropriate measures".

"These apply to all streamers regardless of their status or importance in the community," said a representative from Twitch.

As was to be expected, numerous rumors and speculations are now underway and, above all, an image that has appeared is currently raising questions. An anonymous tip says that Dr DisRespect, Ninja and Shroud were planning a new streaming platform and wanted to recruit several Twitch streamers.

This could be related to a new streaming platform that only appeared on Twitter a few days ago: Brime. According to the operators, this is a new streaming service. However, the name is a code name based on the story of 2 names that were once streaming sites – all very opaque.

As I said, these are just rumors and speculations. It is not known whether Dr DisRespect's spell is actually permanent this time and why exactly that happened. We will keep you up to date.

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DrDisrespect would rather have done it like Shroud: "10 million for 8 months of work"

Streamer DrDisrespect appears to be a little pissed off, not switching to blenders like Shroud or Ninja. Because of the end of the platform they got their money for less work.

Why the streaming platform had to close is currently unknown, but it did leave behind some very popular streamers who are now looking for a new home. Among them are the two streaming greats Shroud and Ninja.

So the two came out of their contract with full payment and are now being hotly traded. According to e-sports insider Slasher, Facebook Gaming should have offered the two of them to double their contracts. It was said to be a $ 20 million offer for Shroud and a $ 60 million offer for Ninja.

Twitch streamer DrDisrespect also got wind of these sums. He has had streamers more often in the past criticized for switching to mixer. He had already received offers from Mixer, which he obviously declined. But he now seems to regret this decision a bit.

In a stream he gives an imitation of Shroud for the best and shows a little frustrated when he states that Shroud should have received a total of ten million dollars as a streamer at Mixer for just eight months.

"Oh thank you Doc for welcoming me back. Yes, I knew all the time that they would pay me $ 10 million for 8 months of work. F ** k! "

How DrDisrespect ends up talking about his little outburst of anger is hard to say. His alter ego for his streams has a habit of being aggressive for entertainment purposes.

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Shroud and Ninja with their popularity will certainly not have any major problems building up a new stream on Twitch or anywhere else. It becomes problematic for the many small streamers on mixers, which are now partially against nothing.

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