Will Kenobi become a movie after all? Insider talks about the future of the space saga

of Andreas Bertits
Jason Ward, who is considered a well-informed Star Wars insider, spoke a little about the future of the space saga. According to him, Disney is currently considering whether to release the Obi-Wan Kenobi series as a film.

Jason Ward used to get a lot of his inside information Starwars correct and has some sources that provide him with all kinds of news about the space saga. He has now revealed a few details in a podcast.

Caution! Here are potential spoilers!

Jason Ward explains, for example, that Disney is supposed to be talking internally about whether the planned series on Obi-Wan Kenobi should not be released as a movie. This is interesting because rumors from other sources have been circulating around the Internet for a few weeks now.

The Rogue One series is said to be extremely strong at Disney, so it is unclear which of the information that has been released to the public is still up to date.

Regarding the new films related to the "High Republic Era", Jason Ward can only say that he does not know if they have already received Disney's go-ahead, but he could see an artwork labeled "Jedi Holy War". Disney is also said to have found a top-class director for the next movie, but Jason Ward doesn't know if the deal was made.

What is true about this information is unclear. So you should treat everything as rumors.

Source: reddit

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