Will the Bioware MMORPG appear on Steam soon?

from Karsten Scholz
Could Star Wars: The Old Republic appear on Steam soon? There is at least one indication on the net that a launch on Valve's sales platform is planned for the Bioware MMORPG. We bring you up to date.

You have surely noticed that those responsible at Electronic Arts have recently published numerous games from their portfolio on Steam and on Valves sales platform even their subscription service EA Access want to integrate. You might as well know that Steam is now home to numerous online role-playing games offers: The Elder Scrolls Online for example, Black Desert Online, Final Fantasy XIV or Neverwinter, Albion Online, Star Trek Online and Tera.

But what about the MMORPG from EA / Bioware? Of course, we mean Star Wars: The Old Republic, which was released on December 20, 2011, and accordingly now offers a lot of content and, thanks to the Free2Play model, puts a comparatively low entry hurdle in front of interested players. So far, SWTOR was (buy now) not included in the games that EA made available on Steam. But that might change in the future.

At least the person behind the Twitter account "SWTOR Central" posted a screenshot of the installation directory in which he recently discovered a file called "steam_api.dll".

The SWTOR fan speculated a few weeks ago on his youtube channel about that the MMORPG could appear on Steam soon. Now he seems to have found at least one hint for it. Indeed, the new partnership with Valve could be an opportunity for EA to breathe new life into the Old Republic. In the past, some subsequent Steam releases had a positive effect on the number of players in online games.

What do you think: will Star Wars: The Old Republic appear on Steam soon? And if so, would you give the online role-playing game a chance? Let us know in the comments!

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