A new patent from Sony is currently causing discussions on the Internet. The company has grabbed a new technology that could make classic controllers completely superfluous in the future. So will the DualSense controller of the PS5 soon be obsolete?

PlayStation 5

New Sony patent: When a banana becomes a controller

Sony has patented a new technology in the USA that makes gamers big eyes. Because at first glance it looks like the company would working on a PlayStation controller that looks exactly like a banana. Only when reading the Patent application it becomes clear: Sony has planned something completely different!

US Patent & Trademark Office / Sony Interactive Entertainement Inc.

The letter, which was submitted in summer 2020, shows what Sony is really working on: A technology that scans various household items in order to then use them as a gaming controller. For this, according to the enclosed sketches, a type of VR / AR glasses are used, which recognize the objects and perceive changes in their positioning and rotation. The device was previously trained to recognize these "non-luminous objects" using machine learning.

In the picture at the bottom left you can see: The glasses that analyze household items and convert them into controllers. (Image: US Patent & Trademark Office / Sony Interactive Entertainement Inc.)

Interactions of the player on the object, such as pressing buttons, should then be recognized and converted into controller-typical inputs. These are then passed on to the console and implemented in the game. Whether the glasses then also display the corresponding buttons and buttons on the object is not clear from the application.

Sony patent: are controllers now facing the end?

So far, the patent has only been a conceptual construct – there does not seem to be a working prototype yet. But if the theory can also be put into practice, players can now completely do without controllers and instead use simple everyday objects.

Does that mean that there will be no controllers in the future? Hardly likely! Even if the technology should work, most items in the household that could be used as controllers do not have an ergonomic design. Using a book, a large bar of chocolate, or a box as a controller might work, but it probably wouldn't feel really good.

Against these controllers, a banana works almost sensibly as an input medium:

In addition, players would have to forego functions such as haptic feedback or adaptive triggers, which contribute greatly to immersion. At the end of the day, Sony's patent will make the hearts of technology fans beat faster, but a banana will not be able to replace a real controller anytime soon.