Just a few days ago, the online role-playing game New World celebrated its debut on the PC – albeit with some initial difficulties. While the onslaught continues, some fans have already wondered whether the MMO could possibly be released for consoles.

The developers recently responded to a question from a follower via Twitter and their answer was relatively clear.

“New World will only be playable on PC in the foreseeable future.”

Accordingly, with a port from New World (buy now 39,99 €) not expected for the PS5 or the Xbox Series X / S in the near future. However, the wording suggests that Amazon Game Studios would like to at least keep this option open for a longer period of time. At least it doesn’t sound like the launch on other platforms is categorically excluded. First of all, the online role-playing game has to be a great success on the PC – also from a financial point of view. Only then should porting become a serious issue at all.

What’s your opinion about …? Would you like to play New World on other platforms or should it remain a PC-exclusive game? After all, other MMOs such as Final Fantasy 14 have shown that the genre can also work well on consoles. Write us in the comments!

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New World: Launch-Trailer zum Release

Amazon Game Studios is ruling out a port of New World for consoles for the time being. (2) [Quelle: buffed]

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