Will there be a renaissance in private servers?

The Figures from August show it: The WoW Classic servers are really well attended almost a year after the release. Nevertheless, I continue to stumble upon vanilla fans in the forum and on Reddit who are disappointed with the new edition and claim that the various private servers convey the gaming feel of back then more authentically. On Reddit one of the critics recently even announced a renaissance of privately owned (but illegal) realms.

The same things are mostly criticized: The level of difficulty is far too easy. Using patch 1.12 as a base was a bug. Blizzard gets this Bot problem just not under control. Frequently reported bugs are still in the game after over a year and the customer support is a bad joke in general. And then you have to pay 13 euros a month for all of this.

All these things were solved better on private servers and you didn't have to pay anything for the service, so the allegation. At the latest when with the Launch of Classic The Burning Crusade If the developers then again take the last patch with all weakenings and simplifications as a basis, the community will turn away from Blizzard and rely on the available private server alternatives for the authentic dose of WoW (buy now ): Get TBC, so the prediction.

Private servers have no future

I am grateful to private servers like Nostalrius. Because only thanks to this offer from WoW nostalgics for WoW nostalgics we now have WoW Classic. And yes, WoW Classic is not perfect, and the developers have made a bad decision far too often (and far too often with an announcement) – for example when announcing the EU server (instead of immediately planning for language servers), with the provision of the Far too few servers for name reservation or when things got hot on many PvP servers at the beginning of phase 2 and the server transfer options provided threw the faction balance on some realms completely off course.

A funeral march by players on the WoW private server Nostalrius.

Around 18,000 characters are said to have witnessed the end of Nostalrius live.

Source: imgur.com

But however justified the criticism may be in many cases, we should first of all note: WoW private servers are illegal. Anyone who creates a character on these servers has the sword of Damocles of justice dangling over their head. At any time it can happen that a letter from the lawyer stops the free service and all progress is gone in one fell swoop. I agree that happened to the players of Nostalrius in April 2016.

And you can assume that those responsible for Blizzard will attack the heads behind successful WoW private servers even more vehemently in the future with the power of Justice, as they are now raking in a lot of money with their own retro servers.

In addition, some of the private server advocates have apparently forgotten the other, quite existing, downsides of this offer. For example, I remember stories of community managers and server administrators who were bribed by ambitious raids to get one or the other favor. In addition, there were definitely bugs in classes and quests, performance problems or spam from gold sellers.

WoW: Retro Trailer – WoW Classic Cinematic

And as far as WoW authenticity is concerned, the tuning on the private servers doesn't really have anything to do with the reality from 2005 or 2006. On the contrary, thanks to WoW Classic and the values ​​from the reference client for patch 1.12, it became clear that the private servers differed significantly from the original.

In short: In my opinion, private servers by no means offered the better vanilla experience. They were just free, for a long time without an alternative and somehow also rebellious. Now, however, there is an alternative that is even official and legal, that is fun, and with which you cannot "earn" rare loot through a good or particularly rewarded relationship with those responsible (although: that is exactly what even one believes or other Blizzard critics with a view to great streamers).

And because I'm sure that many others feel the same way, my thesis is exactly the opposite: As soon as there are classic servers for The Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King, there will definitely be no more reason to have a WoW Set up private servers and keep them alive with a lot of effort and time. Your time is over. R.I.P.!

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