from Johannes Gehrling
Shadow is the streaming provider with the many freedoms: With a subscription you get access to a powerful cloud PC with Windows 10, with which you can do whatever you want at will. Who now completes a subscription, gets his access only in April 2020 – or you just take part in our raffle! We're giving away a month-long access to Shadow ten times. You can join in seconds simply by leaving your e-mail address in the raffle box. So try it now!

The French game streaming provider Shadow makes you a big promise: freedom. If you subscribe to one of the three available packages, you will gain access to a powerful cloud PC running Windows 10. Whether you gamble with it, work or do something completely different is completely up to you. "Bring your own games" is the motto of Shadow, so you can just take your whole Steam library with you if you want to. Or you use Shadow to cut your own videos in 4K. Or you modify your games … leave everything to yourself.

We've already tried Shadow extensively and also talked to Florian Giraud, Head of Strategy Marketing & Sales at the company. In a detailed article you will learn how Shadow works exactly and above all, how well it works and what is possible with it.

If you're curious now and want to try Shadow right now, we've got some good news: You can win ten-month access to Shadow in our raffle! In the normal way you would have to wait until April 2020, as long as there are currently waiting times for new subscribers. In our competition you can skip twice, because you can try out Shadow not only for free but also much sooner!

To participate, simply enter your e-mail address in the appropriate field, That's all. You already take part automatically. The competition runs until Thursday, December 12, 2019. On Friday after that, we're likely to draw the winners and let you know if you've won.

Raffle invites …

We wish you all good luck and also thank Shadow for providing the prizes!

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