“Conquer the throne” – this is the name of Sony’s new PlayStation community challenge. The event starts on November 2nd, where you can earn points to unlock some nice digital goodies. Much more important, however, are the main prizes, which will be distributed on November 17th – because there is also a PS5 among them.

PlayStation 5

New community event: PlayStation players should conquer the throne

In a few days, Sony is launching a new event in which all PlayStation players can take part. At the 02. November begins a new community challenge called “Take the Throne”. The task: PlayStation players have to collect as many points as possible in order to get some exclusive PSN avatars and PlayStation themes unlock.

You can easily collect the points on the side, because you get them for all kinds of different activities on your PS4 or PS5:

Play any game for at least an hour 10 points
Play any game with another player 15 points
Use the share function to share pictures or videos 5 points
Unlock a bronze trophy 5 points
Unlock a silver trophy 10 points
Unlock a gold trophy 20 points
Obtained five trophies in one game 25 points

The more points during the action phase, the more likely runs until November 17th, the more avatars and designs players can unlock. 25 million points are required to complete the first phase, 100 million points for the second phase and 160 million points must be collected for the grand finale.

To register for the promotion, all you have to do is go to the official PlayStation event page, log in with your account and then register for the event. Don’t forget that yours at the time of registration at least 18 years old and your console is connected to the internet. Otherwise you cannot collect any points.

Register for the community event

Take a look at the process of the campaign in video form again:

PS5 and Co. as the main prize

But you can only get the big main prizes of the action from November 17th at 7pm to win. At this point, three questions will be asked online on the Sony promotions page that you must answer correctly in order to be eligible to win the grand prizes.

To be raffled 35 PlayStation 5 consoles (one per country), PlayStation rings and the Pulse 3D wireless headset, which also comes with a 100 euro voucher for the PlayStation Store.

If you want to dust off all the avatars and designs of the community campaign, you should register for the event in advance. If you only join when one of the phases has already been completed, you will only receive the goodies for the following phases.