If this picture reminds you of Breath of the Wild, then that's okay: Windbound is a mysterious survival adventure with beautiful wilderness, homely boats that you can build and a foaming ocean that has to be crossed. You are shipwrecked and alone in nowhere, whose ancient secret glows blue in the sky … yes, it is the kind of game you are looking for Zelda.


The thing is, a lot of games are compared to Zelda: Breath of the Wild and it doesn't always help the work that is actually at stake. In case of Windbound but it's almost impossible Not to think of Breath of the Wild – without the two games overlapping too much. You slip into the thin sandals of Kara, a shipwrecked woman who is washed up on the beaches of the forbidden islands. Nothing is left of their tribe; she has neither food, equipment nor a boat, with which she could sail from that little island to the next. What she has a knife, her hands and the will to find out what is glaring blue on the horizon.

And I had it when I was windbound in one two-hour online session Alluded to: Four months ago, developer 5 Lives Studios announced the picturesque Zelda'n'Survive on, it should appear on August 28, 2020, and not just for Nintendo Switch, for …. As well PS4, Xbox One and PC. Have you already set sail?

The path leads ahead into the unknown:

Windbound's strength is a curious “What is it?” Feeling you know from Zelda

To the blue light in the sky: No, I don't know exactly what the Windbound world is about, and it is wonderful such as important: While you fight your way through the wilderness of the game with Kara, collect food and your first tiny one Sailboat builds, blue beams of light flash in the distance; strange-looking stone towers, from the middle of which a ray protrudes towards the sky. You remember that something had attacked you and your tribe at sea; a monster, a storm, a portal? In addition, you will find more and more bizarre ruins the further you progress in the game – more towers that you can activate and Humming graves in boggy primeval forests.

Each island is manageable and brings new ones resources: Your boat is your home, which you steer from country to country, expand, convert and enlarge until it resembles a houseboat. The Creatures become more dangerous, yours weapons more deadly and the mystery more difficult: With the advancement over the islands also the vegetation changes from sunny beach to moor to desert. It should be noted here that the windbound one procedurally generated world offers: Each run is therefore slightly different, whereby the larger scheme remains the same. You choose that Survival difficulty, you also lose everything as soon as you die – and you have to start over. But you don't have to make it so difficult.

The world has neither empty nor strange, even though it was generated by an algorithm. You also don't meet other people, just like those who do ruins left behind, apparently disappeared or died out. And yet: something lives in the oceans, something big that speaks to you in your dreams – or was it a dream at all?

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Is windbound really pretty, as well as that Survival gameplay meditatively accompanies each of your steps with its medium severity. In many ways it is not like Zelda at all, which is not a bad thing either: this small, mysterious game has its very own charm that I would like to get to know in the near future. Windbound will be released on August 28th for PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch.