Winds of Winter is making progress, release 2021 possible

from Karsten Scholz
On his blog, writer George R.R. Martin once again published a longer text and also revealed how the next novel in the Game of Thrones universe is going to be. Winds of Winter could come out next year, the corona pandemic makes it possible!

Five novels of the "The Song of Ice and Fire" saga have already been published, the last part, "A Dance with Dragons", has been around for nine years. In fact, the work on the next volume "The Winds of Winter" was so slow that the successful series Game of Thrones spanned the novel with its eight seasons and showed the end of the story before it could be put on paper.

Nevertheless, many fans of the saga are eagerly awaiting "The Winds of Winter". And after that there will be a seventh volume with the title "A Dream of Spring", which also has to be written. After all: George R.R. Martin clearthat he wanted to use the Corona pandemic for writing. And now there was on his "Not A Blog" an interim status: Was the American able to implement his plan?

Well, Martin is getting a little bit of a camp freak, but he was actually able to make progress in isolation. He writes many hours a day on "The Winds of Winter". In the past few days alone, he has been able to complete several chapters. But since this is a very extensive novel, the writer still has a long way to go. Especially since he has not had a brisk feather like he did a few decades ago. When he started "Storm of Swords", the saga's third novel, in 1999, he wrote 150 pages down in a month. At 71, he can no longer keep up this pace.

Martin hopes that the book will be in the store next year and that Covid-19 will no longer be an issue. As soon as there is more news, we will of course keep you up to date.

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