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While the snow only appears in selected corners in this country, you can rely on the wintry white in Guild Wars 2, because the winter day is back! At the usual festivities you can look forward to lots of new rewards in the form of skins.

It's getting colder in Guild Wars 2! This does not mean a frosty campaign by the ice dragon Jormag, but a much nicer event: the winter day is back! In 2020 you can again take part in the familiar festivities and activities. So give the orphans of Götterfels gifts, let off steam at the glockenspiel, beat yourselves with wild toys in the infinarium or just throw a few snowballs at other players! A visit to the exclusive winter day jump puzzle is also particularly recommended, which is available through different routes in various degrees of difficulty.

What's new on Wintersday 2020?

Just like other annual festivals, the winter day in Guild Wars 2 is not expanded with new activities every time, but it is still worth visiting in 2020. Not only do you get a chunk of success points for the meta-success, but also some skins:

  • After the cozy sweater in 2019 you will get one for the meta-success fluffy wool hat
  • Candy cane weapons are now available for all weapon types. You can get hold of them from gifts and buy them at the trading post. The same applies to the wintergreen variant, which you can only get from the trading post or the mini raid Secret Lair of the Snowmen.
  • The Wrapped Guns, which look like gift-wrapped versions of iconic guns, have been upgraded: Sparkling wrapped weapons have a festive effect when you equip them and leave a glittering trail in the air.

Have fun with the winter fun in Guild Wars 2!

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