Witchbrook: Current view of the Stardew Valley blend – game updated

from André Linken
The developer studio Chucklefish gives you a look at the current version of Witchbrook. This is made possible by several new screenshots, which above all show you the graphic changes very precisely. In addition, an official website is now available.

In the past weeks and months, things had become a little quieter around the Witchbrook life simulation. But now there is finally a sign of life from the responsible developer studio Chucklefish – and it is very worth seeing. The team spoke up via Twitter and published several new screenshots.

The pictures are not only interesting in themselves, but above all show the graphic changes that Chucklefish has made in recent months. They are particularly noticeable in the perspective from which you follow the game. When the game was announced – back then under the project name Spellbound – the pictures showed a top-down view. In the meantime, however, this has changed: The developers have opted for an isometric perspective, such as that used in Diablo-style games. The team may hope to get a bit more clarity this way. You can find the new screenshots in our online gallery below the message.

In addition, Chucklefish recently launched an official website for Witchbrook, where you can get information about the game. So far, there are not too many of them – just like a specific release date. According to the developers, the game is still relatively far from the release. Accordingly, you should probably no longer expect this year.

Source: Twitter

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