“Oh, that’s cheap! I’ll take that with me. I’m sure I’ll play that at some point. ”Gamers have this or similar thoughts at almost every sale. But instead of really dealing with these games afterwards, we let them perish forever on our Pile of Shame. So are you and us with these 15 games.

There are a lot of good games out there. And they all have one thing in common: they want to be played! If only one had the time … In this series of photos you can see which video games have been around for years on your pile of shame gammeln to yourself. Also the GIGA GAMES and game tips editorial offices confess their shame.

The Witcher 3: Mentioned by most of you and also a hot iron in our editorial team – editor-in-chief Claudio even postpones the entire trilogy! The DLCs Blood and Wine and Heart of Stone are also slowly gathering dust on many shelves. But it is also difficult to take enough time for such an extensive game … Our reader Steven Fehlau writes:

“It took me a year for the main game because I wanted to discover everything and read every book … the same now with the add-ons. However, there is simply no time and just starting an hour is simply not worth it “

DLC can also be postponed. Like our reader, for example Krone SK. His crime scene is Assassin’s Creed Odyssey:

“The DLCs from Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. I always play the game through completely, do a few side missions – and when the time comes that I want to start a DLC, something always comes up. And that has been dragging on for months now. “

Of course, colleague has Marina made a horror game. There is actually a shocker that she has not yet tried: Silent Hill 2. For this she rejects any guilt:

Silent Hill 2 BUT it’s not my fault, it’s hard to get at. “

It’s a shame not to have played Dark Souls yet. Our readers know that too Tobias J.:

„Dark Souls … Shame on me“

The award for exemplary procrastination clearly goes to our deputy editor-in-chief Micky. He has been postponing Terranigma since 1999.

Yee-Haw! The open world of Red Dead Redemption 2 is a real time waster. No wonder so many of you have been putting off the masterpiece for far too long. Reader Alex S. got lost at some point in the open game world:

“RDR2, was mega hyped and played it up to 68% – then just didn’t feel like it anymore, because it gets boring to death and pulls like chewing gum. Never finished and will never touch it again, even if it was technically very impressive. “

Like some of you, colleague pushes too Olaf Hideo Kojima’s package man simulator in front of you. But Death Stranding is also quite a board.

Many of you want to play The Last of Us again at some point. Rightly so, it’s a great game after all. Also our SEO expert Ewelina pleads guilty – although she has tried it before:

“When it came out, I expected something completely different and threw it in the corner after five hours. I really want to give it a new chance … Definitely! … Sometime …”

colleague Gregor just doesn’t dare to approach Half Life 2. Literally:

“Was too scary for me back then when it came out. Never touched it since. Would probably still be too scary for me. “

It will be fine! He still has a little time until the third part comes out.

colleague Daniel has been pushing Divinity Original Sin 2 for far too long. But RPGs are also time consuming …

Horizon: Zero Dawn is on our reader’s list Isaac K.:

“Horizon: Zero Dawn. Big shame, it’s great gameplay, but I generally have problems with Open World (The Witcher 3, Skyrim and Co.). “

editor Alex This is certainly not the case when you bought NieR Automata – and put yourself under pressure:

“I’ve had it since its release, but since it was already (and certainly rightly) praised so highly, I always had the feeling that I couldn’t play it ‘on the side’ because then I can’t appreciate it and wait instead still on the right time … “

Our “Star Wars” fan Martin the heart bleeds at the thought of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order:

“I even had to uninstall it now because I ran out of space. So it won’t work anytime soon. “

editor Johannes took hold of a steam sale ages ago and has now been the proud owner of the entire Bioshock range for years. However, there has not been enough time for a little more than half of the first part.

Open world again – this time it’s The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. colleague These blames his long to-do list for this:

“I started it, but never really got far. I still have to catch up. Otherwise GTA 5, Death Stranding, Jedi Fallen Order and Persona 5. “

The list from colleague Michael is long. Very long. Almost too long. His Pile of Shame currently consists of top games such as Red Dead Redemption 2, The Witcher 3, Persona 5, Shenmue and Bloodborne. However, he is not alone in this, as commented by I am S. proves:

„Nier, The Witcher 3, Assassins Creed Origins und Odyssee, Horizon Zero Dawn. Somehow I just started all of them but never really got through. But I actually played Horizon the furthest of all those named. “

When you have your Pile of Shame fill up even more want, then take a look at which games the GIGA editorial team just won’t let go of. Or you can set out to finally play the games that you have been putting off for so long. Down with the pile of shame! Preferably today … or maybe tomorrow? Oh, stop at some point.