Witcher actor Henry Cavill builds a PC so sexy – topical games

from Andreas Bertits
Actor Henry Cavill, known as Geralt von Riva from the Netflix series The Witcher, is a passionate gamer. He recently indulged in a new gaming PC and recorded a video of how he is assembling it. Accompanied by music by Barry White.

actor Henry Cavill make no secret of loving playing computer games. His favorite platform is the PC. And now he has treated himself to a new gaming PC. Or its individual parts.

When Superman assembled a PC …

In a video you can see how that Witcher– Performers assembling this hardware into a gaming PC. He underlines this with Barry White's "You're the First, the Last, My Everything", which gives the whole story a touch of eroticism. Not least because the muscular actor is screwing on a PC in a muscle shirt. The video is also funny, because anyone who has assembled a PC himself knows that it is easy to make mistakes. For example, if the CPU is placed incorrectly in the socket – which naturally happens to Henry Cavill promptly.

Henry Cavill also uses water cooling and the cooler is quite large. As a result, Superman has a few problems with placing the part in a relatively small case. And it comes as it must. As soon as the PC is finished, Henry Cavill finally realizes that he has installed the liquid cooling pump the wrong way round. So he has to take everything apart again. Finally, his new gaming PC shines in the neon light of LEDs and digital displays regarding the temperatures of the CPU and GPU.

We don't find out how powerful the PC is. However, Henry Cavill may have saved a few pennies from his monster hunt as Geralt von Riva in order to be able to experience himself in the most beautiful splendor in The Witcher 3.

Source: Instagram

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