from Philipp Sattler
If the whole group plays properly, then even at high levels in Mythic Plus dungeons, healers have very little to do. So little so that as a druid you don't even have to use the restoration style of play. This has now been proven by a player who has successfully healed the peaks of ascent as a ferocity druid at level 14.

With the start of the current WoW expansion Shadowlands, the druid has not been fundamentally revised, but has been adapted in many small areas. This includes, for example, a significant increase in flexibility. Thanks to your affinities and the new talent Heart of the wild you can fill the roles of your other playing styles quite well, at least in the short term. So good, at least, to help healers, tanks or damage distributors in the raid every now and then. But replacing a complete healer as an owl or filling up a raid boss as a healer – this is only possible for a short time. At least one should think so. The opposite has now been proven by a ferocity druid in the peaks of ascent.

Instead of a real healer, the group unceremoniously went out with a cat in this role, and was quite successful with it. The ferocity druid relied on that Recovery affinity, thanks to which it already distributes some healing passively and at the same time has access to other healing spells such as rejuvenation or Wild growth gets. That was enough to keep the group alive even with the tyrannical bosses. Of course, it also helped that the druid (like pretty much all druids in WoW (buy now € 14.99 )) belongs to the Pact of the Night Fae and he with Convocation of the spirits in critical situations a lot of healing can work in a short time.
The bosses fell down pretty quickly anyway, as the ferocity druid didn't just concentrate on healing and repeatedly dealt massive damage as a cat.

The question arises as to whether that should be rated positively or negatively, that druids, even as cats, can heal so much that it is enough for a level 14 dungeon. Or that in general too little healing is needed in the dungeons if you play properly. Because there are now groups that get through to the end completely without a healer.

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