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from Karsten Scholz
In the meantime, three raid guilds from WoW Classic were able to master the 40-player Pechschwingenhort instance in less than 20 minutes. The Alliance community Progress was able to defeat Nefarian after only 18 minutes and 51 seconds. We'll tell you in the report what tricks they did it with.

With Progress, Onslaught and Calamity, three raid guilds from WoW Classic have now mastered the 40-player Pechschwingenhort in less than 20 minutes. The alliance community Progress even sent Nefarian on the boards after 18 minutes and 51 secondscurrent record for business administration!

But how could the Speedrun professionals go through such tough times? Sure, the foundation for fast runs is based on a strong melee-heavy raid setup with as many well-equipped (keyword: rank 14 weapons) warriors and villains, which are also strengthened by all the world buffs and consumables available in the game. It also helps if as many characters as possible have access to the explosive gadgets of engineering and you can literally "bomb" larger trash groups.

But there is more to get to Nefarian so quickly. A lot of practice, of course. The pros also use new tricks and strategies to get a few more seconds compared to the last run. We have summarized some of these tricks below:

  • With these very melee-heavy setups, it's worth being a villain Improved armor weaken to learn in the assassin tree, which then has one task in every boss fight: the armor of the villain with the improved one Weaken armor to keep pushing towards zero. Thanks to the two talent points, the ability provides a greater damage plus for all players that deal physical damage than that Tear armor the warrior.
  • A very expensive trick that is particularly interesting for Horde guilds: you can do it Vial of distilled wisdom like a mana drink (with a significantly shorter cooldown). If you throw in the flask, if you run out of mana, you get back 2,000 mana points in one fell swoop. Mana breaks can be reduced to a minimum.
  • Engineering is not only worthwhile for the explosive bombs and grenades, it is also worth it Masterly target dummy plays a major role in current speed runs. Professional guilds like to pull the Death Talon Wyrmguard together to save time. Depending on the ailments they bring with them (keyword: swirling tanks that cause enormous damage to their colleagues), this is very dangerous. However, with the target dummies, the guilds ensure that the wyrm guards focus on them first, so that the players have enough time to beat the dangerous trios out of life. And yes: target dummies cannot swirl!
  • For the first Boss Razorgore, Speedrun guilds like to use the PvP trinket to cancel the boss's stun effect if necessary (not possible for all classes) without the potion cooldown due to the usual Potion of free action trigger.
  • If Razorgore briefly goes out of his mind when changing before the last egg, you can already prove him with important debuffs for the final phase. In addition, the "weaken armor" villain can briefly build up the first combo points here.
  • In the running phase after the fight against Vaelastrasz, you can take some time out by placing all the caster casters on top of the parapet. In addition, the professionals use items such as "Vael" after the death Zanza's speed or rocket boots.
  • While the raid is taking care of the Drachkin group after Vael, the villains and a hunter are already dropping to the traps to deactivate them extensively. The goal: the buff Burning adrenaline if possible to be used by the next boss threshing machine.
  • The guilds move through the trap room accordingly quickly, on the left side, which means that they pull the opponents on the higher level, but they can omit some of the dragonkin and orcs on the lower level. Everything is then bombed away on the rear ramp with the concentrated power of engineering.
  • Exciting: While the raid is taking care of the add-ons, a villain threshes the raid (with limited invulnerability potion) – because this way the group benefits from just under 25 to 30 seconds Burning adrenaline.
  • According to Threshbringer, the main thing is to play the various groups of technicians as efficiently as possible. Sometimes two groups are drawn together, sometimes even three. Horde raids leave the shamans here Quake Totem so that the four or six warlocks with their shadow bolts do not claim any casualties. By the way, you can do a great pull like that Vial of Petrification use. The dummies already mentioned and the flask mana potion strategy are also used here.
  • Even before the supervisor group is in the dirt, the professionals are already pulling a fire wing, which is then simply refueled in the room and knocked down with the additives. The Wyrmguard must die particularly quickly, which is why some raids in this phase Foolhardiness knock out.
  • According to the technicians, you can still save some time by turning the shadow wing and flame mouth at the same time and tormenting both dragons with blade swirls and cleave skills.
  • The trash trio in front of Chromaggus is then pulled sideways by one player, while the rest of the raid rushes towards the boss and fights the boss directly in his chamber. There are various options for this, such as a paladin with a shield and soul stone or a villain with an invulnerable potion and disappearance.
  • The recently released Wyrmwache trio is then knocked down on Nefarian's balcony, because the additions flowing from the entrances in phase 1 are not a big challenge and you can use the time more efficiently.

How does it look: Do you use some of these tricks in the raid or do you want to try them out soon? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Warcraftlogs Classic, Sarthe Youtube channel

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