You have surely noticed: If you have played through the WoW: Shadowlands story campaign with a character, reached level 60 and completed the first chapter of the Pact story, you can take twinks to the new maximum level via an alternative route: the threads of fate. But is this path really the faster one? And how exactly do threads of fate work? Our editor Karsten brought his first twink to 60 using this variant and shares his experiences below.

How exactly do threads of fate work?

Before you can take the alternative level path, you must first play the prologue in the gullet. Only when you reach Oribos after escaping from the realm of the jailer does fate writer Rohl-Tahl greet you with the choice: Do you want to level up via the threads of fate or start the story campaign again?

At Variant 2 (story campaign) you will then be sent linearly through the Shadowlands zones again and have to master all the chapters there in order to ultimately land on level 60 and the final choice for your pact. If you wish, you can go to the fate writer again during the level process and still decide on the threads of fate. ATTENTION: According to some players, switching back to the threads of fate should only be possible before level 60. From level 60 you must definitely play the story campaign to the end before you can decide on a pact.

WoW: Only after the Maw prologue can you choose: story campaign or threads of fate?

WoW: Only after the Maw prologue can you choose: story campaign or threads of fate?

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At Variation 1 (threads of fate) you level up by completing side quests, world quests, bonus goals and dungeons. You get access to all zones (except the gullet) and can decide on a pact immediately before you fly and get access to the respective skills. But here, too, you cannot go through the Shadowlands entirely without a common thread. Instead, you can activate a special progress quest for each zone in Oribos (you determine the order). As soon as you have filled the progress bar, you can hand it over to Oribos to fill 1/3 of your experience bar and bag a new weapon. The bar can be filled with the following activities (via Wowhead):

  • Rare opponents – 3 percent progress
  • World quest – 4 percent progress
  • Side quests – 1 to 3 percent progress
  • Group quest – Complete 5 group quests – 5%
  • Bonus goals – 7 percent progress
  • Dungeon Quests – 10 percent progress
  • Dungeon Bosses – 3 percent progress

You can achieve the fastest progress with a well-rehearsed group that visits dungeons over and over again.

Is Strings of Fate Faster Than the Story Campaign?

It depends on. If you step on the gas with a group in the dungeons without a break, then you can actually reach level 60 very quickly via Threads of Fate. The same applies if you can complete several side quests, world quests and bonus objectives in one go in one corner of a zone. A small time saver is that you can start collecting anima for your pact sanctum early on via the threads of fate.

For most players who want to level in the open world, however, the story campaign should be the faster option up to level 60. Especially if you cancel story sequences on the second run and, thanks to your knowledge from the first run, complete story quests more efficiently. Also note that you have to tackle the entire Torghast introduction and the activation of features such as the adventure table, soul band or the Pact Fast Travel with every character, regardless of whether you level with threads of fate or via the story campaign.

Our conclusion on threads of fate

Strings of Fate is certainly not the best option per se for all players to reach level 60 with twinks. However, the feature offers a good alternative for players who

  • like to level up via dungeons
  • want to level flexibly with friends (the entire content scales with your level)
  • can no longer see the story campaign

If you want to reach level 60 as quickly as possible, but don't feel like constantly looking at dungeons from the inside, you should give preference to the story campaign.

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