Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem had a bad start and an even worse first year. In our test, we gave the game seven out of ten points, but we found that the title has a lot of potential to offer. The developers have been working hard to improve the game ever since. In December 2020 they released Chronicle 1: Bloodtrail, a major update which, among other things, reset the economy, added pets, added new game modes, and brought some improvements to the game. Many players were excited about the new update, but there were also some negative voices.

Now WOLCEN Studio released Patch, otherwise called Bloodstorm. The patch brings four new environments that can be played in end-game expeditions, as well as 13 new variations of environments. In addition, pets now automatically collect gold and 30 new difficulty levels have been added. Furthermore, there were some adjustments for damage types and the evasive role, and general changes to the balancing. Some bug fixes, like fixing some performance problems when casting certain buffs, and VFX updates are also included.

You can find the full patch notes in a post on the internal news page of Steam. There is also currently running on Steam Discount promotion, where you can save 30% on the purchase of Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem. Chronicle 1: Bloodtrail and its patch definitely look promising. However, only time will tell if that’s enough to make the title more appealing to gamers.


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