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The steam hit Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem wants to really start again with Operation "Second Dawn". A lot of improvements are planned to promote the long-term growth of the action RPG.

After the release, the hack 'n slay Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem a huge hit on steam. Even now, the number of players according to Steamcharts is still very large. However, the developers now want to take care of fixing bugs and optimizing the balancing, which takes around four months. With Operation "Second Dawn", the developers have now presented the plan for how Wolcen improved during this bug-fixing phase so that the action RPG could really start again.

The Wolcen developers have a plan

  • The team is now working with an external QA team to better test the game content. This should then have a positive effect on upcoming updates, which hopefully are not as buggy as the main game at release.
  • Players have criticized Chapter 3 of the story for something that is not as varied as the other two. Here the developers want to get started again and make optimizations. Among other things, new enemies are added.
  • The localization is being revised, the left mouse button should be freely assignable, quests rewards should no longer block the view and many more "Quality of Life" features are added.
  • There are a lot of adjustments to the balancing, but they are not expressed in constant "nerfs".
  • The situation around the servers is tackled so that Wolcen plays better.
  • Communication with the community and support will be improved.

And after "Operation" Second Dawn "there is a new league with interesting mechanics for Wolcen. Further chapters in the story are also planned.

Source: Steam

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