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Last Friday, an update was released for the recently launched action RPG Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem, which caused such big problems that the servers had to be shut down. So far they are not online again and the players let their frustration with the Steam ratings run free.

The start of the action RPG Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem on February 13th was not so good. The servers were overloaded and players reported some bugs. When a patch was released last Friday, the situation escalated.

Frustrated players in Wolcen

The hotfix deleted the progress of the players in the online game. The Wolcen developers then took the servers offline to fix the problem. There should be a rollback to the status of the players before the server down. At the same time, the team wanted to integrate a security measure that would prevent this from happening again. Since then, the servers have not been accessible.

At first it was said that they will remain offline until Saturday afternoon. The current status is that the Wolcen fans cannot play again before midday on February 16. The mood in the community drops accordingly. Players are airing their frustration at the ratings on Steam. These are currently rushing into the depths. From the initial 93 percent on February 13, the ratings have now dropped to 66 percent.

At the moment, the players have no choice but to use the offline mode. However, many had been looking forward to playing cooperatively with friends online. Therefore, the demand has now been raised to be able to take offline progress into online mode as soon as the servers are running again, so that one does not have to start all over again. Others are already asking for a refund of the purchase price. Not everyone sees the situation so negatively, because after all it is possible to play Wolcen. Just offline. It's a difficult situation for the small indie studio. Basically, Wolcen is really well received by the players – if it runs and there are no bugs. What we think of the Hack 'n Slay, you will soon learn in our test, which we are currently working on.

Source: Twitter / Steam

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