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Today the test embargo for Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem falls, but for various reasons you have to wait a bit for our test. Various problems in the game, an announced character wipe and misunderstandings with the developer about the versions mean that we can only start the test seriously with the release.

After three years of early access, the action role-playing game Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem will be released tomorrow. Today, the review embargo actually falls, which is why a few tests can already be found on the Internet. With us, however, you will have to wait a while for an appropriate assessment of the game. We, too, had already started testing Wolcen, but a series of incidents prevented us from being able to publish a review article with a rating, a pro-contra list and everything that goes with it.

When we were granted access to the supposed review version (more on that in a moment), an enclosed bug list raised doubts about the completeness of the game. The developers wrote that various sound effects would still be missing, sometimes with monsters, skills or even a boss. Some of the visual effects are not yet integrated in the final version. In addition, cutscenes would not yet be complete, would not yet have lip sync, or simply play inappropriate audio.

The next damper came at the beginning of this week when we were informed that there will be a complete character wipe again in Wolcen for the release, which is necessary, among other things, because changes are still being made to characters. Now we asked ourselves, how representative is the character system we are currently playing for the final version of the game? Since we only received our test access quite late at the end of last week, we should actually have played for the test beyond the release day. With the announced wipe, we would rather be forced to restart.

The fact that this is now necessary, it turned out this morning. We were told that there had apparently been a communication breakdown in the distribution of the alleged review builds. The version we played is therefore not released for testing purposes, but only for a first impression. We could have tested the freely available early access version at any time, but decided against it because of its incompleteness. With the finished release version, we therefore take a new look at the game and take a good look at it.

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem – release trailer for the Diablo alternative

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem – where's the test? (1) (Source: Wolcen Studio)

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