A few days ago Wonder Woman started in theaters and on HBO Max in 1984. Now Warner Bros. has already confirmed the next successor with the DC heroine. Leading actress Gal Gadot and director Patty Jenkins will return for the project again. It's supposed to be the finale of a trilogy.

In Germany, fans currently have to wait for the start of Wonder Woman 1984. Due to the lockdown, cinemas are still closed and the streaming service from HBO Max is not available in this country. There is no alternative yet. Despite the pandemic, the film grossed around $ 85 million at the box office. The predecessor brought it to a revenue of 822 million US dollars. Without a pandemic, Wonder Woman was reckoned to be over $ 1 billion in 1984.

The management of Warner Bros. has only given approximate information about the audience numbers on HBO Max. According to this, almost half of all "retail subscribers" should have already seen the film. Around 3.6 million customers use the service via retail. Several million were also included via the other transmission channels (cable and wireless). According to the latest financial report, HBO Max currently has 12.6 million active users. There are no details about Wonder Woman 3 yet. A start date has not yet been set either. The film should then get a traditional release in the cinema again.

Source: Variety

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