from Sebastian Glanzer
At the end of BfA, mythical dungeons were already completed to +34. In season 2 of Shadowlands, a group of players has now managed to complete a +31 dungeon in time for the first time.

Just over two weeks ago, the Mythical plus record (+30 within the time limit) broken. Now the same dungeon group has set up a new World First and was able to complete The Necrotic Lane to +31 in time. Anyone who follows the Mythic Plus scene probably already knows which players are involved:

Protection paladin Cptrogers (Andybrew), restoration shaman Thaner, Windrunner Monk Childintime, Deception Scoundrel Ramfam and frost magicians Wildicute. This class combination has proven to be the best combination for some time in Shadowlands Season 2.

Special dungeon mechanics make it possible

That Team now holds seven of the possible nine records for +30 mythical dungeons in WoW (buy now 14,99 €) Shadowlands. The +31 record during the ID with the affixes Reinforced, Boshaft and Dreadful. The Necrotic Lane, in combination with Reinforced (i.e. not so strong bosses), is particularly good for new dungeon records, as special weapons can be collected in the instance that can be used strategically to either cause a lot of damage or to mobs stun or protect his group. The Kyrian buffs can also be unlocked in this dungeon. However, it was none of the players supporters of the Kyrianswhich makes the record a little more amazing.

WoW Patch 9.2: Developer video at the end of the ages

When and where which weapons are collected and used, these players have of course already perfected after countless runs. In profile on you can see which item level, which legendarys, pacts, trinkets, soul bonds etc. the respective players have used.


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