World of Warcraft Classic: the schedule for Arathi Basin and Zul'Gurub

of André Linken
When is the next new content in the online role-playing game World of Warcraft Classic expected? Blizzard has the answer. As the developer studio announced, the PvP battlefield "Arathi Basin", for example, should be available to all players from March 10, 2020.

After many players in World of Warcraft Classic have already completed the latest raid "Blackwing Lair", they are already thirsty for more content. But when exactly can they be expected to be published? The community manager "Kaivax" recently provided an answer to this question in the official forum of the MMO.

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According to the current plans, the gates of the new PvP battlefield "Arathi Basin" will open to all players on March 10, 2020. There, two teams, each with up to 15 players (alliance against horde) compete against each other according to the principle of a checkpoint mode. The factions must try to score points across the battlefield. The more a faction controls, the faster their points account fills up. If this has reached a certain value, it also means victory. Here on land the starting shot for the Arathi Basin should be given on March 11th.

But also the PvE fans of World of Warcraft Classic (buy now for € 19.50) will get their money's worth soon. As the Community Manager has announced, the 20-man raid "Zul'Gurub" in the Stranglethorn valley should open its gates in April 2020. There you will not only meet numerous trolls and wild animals, but of course also several boss opponents. If you can defeat them, lucrative loot in the form of weapons and armor beckons. However, a specific start date for "Zul'Gurub" has not yet been determined.

Source: official forum

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