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A group of players recently set a remarkable record in World of Warcraft. You have managed to complete a dungeon on "Mythic +28" difficulty within the given time limit. Fortunately, there is a video of that.

Many fans of World of Warcraft are currently waiting for the release of the Shadowlands expansion, which, according to current planning, should definitely take place later this year. But what can you do to bridge the remaining waiting time before the add-on is released? All endgame activities are now almost exhausted. However, a group of players recently managed to face a very special challenge and set a very remarkable record.

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You successfully completed the Tol Dagor dungeon on Mythic +28 difficulty. In itself this is an impressive achievement. It is particularly worth mentioning that they even made it within the specified time limit. No other group in the world has ever succeeded in this. The opponents at this level have more than 1000 percent more life energy and are therefore difficult to defeat. To make matters worse, they deal out significantly more damage, so that even minor errors can quickly cause it to hit the entire group.

The group also consisted of a Holy Paladin, a magician, a hunter, a villain and a protection warrior who acted as a tank. Below this message you will find a video of the new record in World of Warcraft (buy now for € 14.99), which shows you, among other things, the small but important tricks that are absolutely necessary for such an action – not to mention excellent teamwork.

Source: YouTube

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