Just recently we presented you with the current ranking for the best DPS classes in the Mythic Raid of World of Warcraft. But what about the Mythic + level dungeons? Here, too, there are meanwhile updated rankings that arose after the release of the extensive update 9.0.5 and the associated class changes. However, it is not about pure DPS ability, but rather about the popularity or frequency of the individual classes.

With the melee fighters at the top, the usual picture emerges: The Unheilig death knight can still be found there – and at a relatively clear distance. This is followed by the devastation demon hunter and the outlaw villain. The survival hunter has now arrived at the bottom of the flagpole. In the ranged fighter segment, the marksmanship hunter was able to defend himself against the attacks of the competition and even extend his lead. In second place is the balance druid with the fire magician behind his neck. The demonology warlock continues to hold the red lantern. All in all, we can say that despite the changes in Update 9.0.5, not too much has changed in the rankings. Here is the overview:

The most popular melee classes

  1. Unholy Death Knight
  2. Havoc Demon Hunter
  3. Outlaw rogue
  4. Retribution Paladin
  5. Windwalker Monk
  6. Fury Warrior
  7. Arms Warrior
  8. Subtlety rogue
  9. Enhancement Shaman
  10. Feral Druid
  11. Frost Death Knight
  12. Assassination rogue
  13. Survival Hunter

The most popular ranged classes

  1. Marksmanship Hunter
  2. Balance druid
  3. Fire Mage
  4. Shadow Priest
  5. Affliction Warlock
  6. Beast Mastery Hunter
  7. Frost Mage
  8. Elemental shaman
  9. Destruction warlock
  10. Arcane Mage
  11. Demonology Warlock

Source: Benched.me

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