Wednesday, December 01, 2021

World star surprisingly joins the MCU – as the sexy brother of Thanos

World star surprisingly joins the MCU – as the sexy brother of Thanos (Image source: Marvel)

Harry Styles joins the Marvel universe as the brother of the super villain Thanos. Known under the names Eros and sometimes Starfox, the new superhero can do one thing above all else: manipulate others because they fall for his charm.

It’s likely to hit its community in a flash: singers, songwriters, and actors Harry Styles occurs after his role in the World War I epic Dunkirk the MCU. He will embody the mighty Eros, who is not just a brother of Thanos – so yes, him is powerful – but can also manipulate others according to his name so that they fall for him.

Style became known to appear in the MCU after the Premiere of the upcoming Marvel movie Eternals. In a scene after the credits he was seen, as guests of the premiere report on Twitter:

Harry Styles in the MCU: Eros as a superhero

According to the comics, Eros also joins the Avengers under the name “Starfox” and helps the superheroes to compete against various villains. Next to immortality and the usual superpowers high intelligence, superhuman strength and speed, but above all else, Eros can do one thing: On the one hand, it is able to Pleasure center to be stimulated by others around him. On the other hand, it should be able to make people fall in love with each other.

It is not yet known whether Eros will have similarly exciting powers in the MCU and how he will use them.

You will probably see him at the latest 3. November 2021when the Marvel blockbuster Eternals appears in German cinemas. Which, by the way, is just a month before the release of Spider-Man: No Way Home, which hits the big screen on December 16. In order not to miss styles, you should, as always, sit in the cinema after the end credits of the film to watch the Post credits scene not to be missed.