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The Worms Rumble Open Beta will start soon. As the developers of Team 17 have announced, the starting gun will be fired on November 6, 2020 on PC and PS4. You can find a suitable trailer in the message.

A specific time for the beta start of Worms is not yet known. It is not yet known which features you can try out in the beta. It is clear that the Open Beta of Worms Rumble offers crossplay support: As a PC version player, you can compete with or against PS4 version players. Incidentally, the latter requires an active subscription to PlayStation Plus in order to participate in the Open Beta.

In the new Worms Rumble, 32 games compete in real-time battles in a Battle Royale. The decision for real-time fights in particular did not go down well with all fans and continues to cause discussions.

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The release version of Worms Rumble should appear in December this year – then also for the PlayStation 5. So far, however, the developers have not announced a specific date. That should change in the coming weeks. We will keep you informed about this. You can find a new trailer below this message.

Worms Rumble: Trailer gets you in the mood for the Open Beta

Source: Team 17