Thanks to the many adjustments and the cry for help from the US Alliance guilds, the faction imbalance in WoW is once again on everyone’s lips. But today we don’t want to look at the great and broad mass of players in WOW, but the absolute world leaders. There, too, the Horde has dominated for years – the last victory of an Alliance guild was almost ten years ago. But has the red faction always dominated the top of the world or was the blue banner waved more often in the past?

16 Jahre WoW – 2 ½ World First Kills

If you go through the story, you quickly realize that the World First of the final bosses of a respective raid had clearly been in the hands of the Horde since the Classic. In the 16 years of WoW, only three final bosses were defeated by an alliance guild first – and at least two of them should not necessarily be rated fully – which is why we come out more at 2 1/2 than 3.

Nefarian was one of only three bosses in WoW that the Alliance was able to defeat first. & Nbsp;

Nefarian was one of only three bosses in WoW that the Alliance could defeat first.

Source: Blizzard

  • The last World First of a final boss was Kin Raiders at the Deathwing madness in the dragon soul. The raid in which the majority of all top guilds were banned by Blizzard because they had previously exploited a bug in the LFR loot system. Without this ban, most are sure, this kill would also have gone to the Horde.
  • The Alliance’s second World First Kill was Halion. Ha-who? Exactly, this weird dragon, which was quickly patched into the game by WotLK at the end, because the upcoming expansion was taking longer again. No relevant loot, no reason to kill – no real World First Race. Premonition got the first kill with no real competition.
  • The first and probably only World First Kill that can be clearly attributed to Allianz Nefarian in Blackwing Lair. That was where the US guild could Drama triumph after many weeks of progress and reach World First.

Early bosses? It used to be an alliance thing

In the early days of WoW (buy now 14,99 €) the alliance has got a whole series of World First Kills – if only with the early bosses of a raid. If we look at Classic (i.e. the real Classic and not the recently warmed up WoW Classic), the horde only got 7 first kills – 4 of them were the respective final bosses of the raid. The alliance, however, collected 36! First kills – but only one was a final boss.
In the Temple of Ahn’Qiraj and in Naxxramas, the Alliance got the first kills on all bosses – except for the two final bosses.

The alliance got all first kills in Naxxramas - except for the final boss. & Nbsp;


The alliance got all first kills in the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj - except for the final boss. & Nbsp;


In the past few years and expansions, the picture has shifted further and further. Allianz was able to keep up with the previous bosses and got more first kills overall. But when it came to the tough stuff, the Horde was always better.
The further we work our way through the expansions, the rarer these alliance kills became. Until the imbalance in Mists of Pandaria peaked and everyone! 43 first kills were the result of the Horde. Of course, this was largely due to the fact that both the leading EU guild (Method) and the strongest US guild (Blood Legion) carried the red banner.

In Mists of Pandaria dominierte Method das World First Race.

In Mists of Pandaria dominierte Method das World First Race.


In the following expansions, the alliance was able to get a few early bosses in the form of Midwinter, but the blue faction no longer played a real role from this point on. The last alliance first kill of any boss dates back to January 24, 2017, when the SNSF was able to knock down the first three bosses in the night fortress before the Horde opponents struck back just minutes later.

No first kills, not even top 10 anymore

So it’s been over four years since the Alliance first defeated any boss. But at least they were still a serious opponent, right? If you don’t curl up with laughter on the floor at this question, you haven’t noticed much from the World First Races in recent years. Not only are there hardly any Alliance guilds in the Top100, there have also been none in the Top10 for a long time.

  • The last Alliance guild to make it into the top ten was Club Camel in the two-boss raid Crucible of Storms.
  • In a “real” raid, it was Prestige Gaming in the Battle of Dazar’alor.
  • By the way, both guilds are now playing on the side of the Horde – whatever else.

In the Sanctum of Dominion, the strongest Alliance guilds were Honestly at rank 17 and Copium at rank 20 – both from the oceanic region, where the Alliance is actually much more strongly represented than the Horde.

What do you think – will the alliance get another World First Kill at some point? Or do we see the parliamentary groups collapse beforehand, as many suspect for the coming enlargement?


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