WoW: 3rd LFR Wing, Cataclysm, Glory Upgrades, Torghast

of Karsten Scholz
With the ID change on January 20th, all WoW heroes will have access to various new challenges and rewards from the Shadowlands. Whether Torghast, fame upgrades, Cataclysm time wandering, the opening of the new LFR wing of Nathria or world boss – we will bring you up to date.

With the ID change on January 20th, all WoW heroes will have access to various new challenges and rewards from the Shadowlands. Whether you are interested in Torghast, the fame upgrades, the Cataclysm time wandering, the raid bosses of the new LFR wing in Castle Nathria or the loot from the current world boss – we will bring you up to date.

The Torghast wings of the new ID

In the Tower of the Damned, the wings "Skoldushalle" and "Mort'regar" are open to you this week. Whoever masters all eight levels can earn 570 soul ashes per wing. A total of 1,140 soul ashes are waiting for you in Torghast.

For various specializations, the trip to the newly opened wing is also worthwhile because you can earn legendary memories there.

Legendary memories from the Skoldushalle

Legendary memories from Mort'regar

Upgrade to fame level 26

This week you can bring your Pact's Fame Level to 26. To do this, you do the usual weekly quests:

Since there are no new story chapters for your pact campaign from this ID for the time being, you cannot receive any further level of fame this way.

The rewards of the new levels of fame

With Fame Level 25 beckons a soul band upgrade.

  • Pelagos (Kyrian, resistance or finesse medium)
  • Niya (Night Fae, Resistance, Potency, or Finesse Medium)
  • Nadjia (Venthyr, resistance, potency or finesse medium)
  • Marileth (Necrolord, resistance or finesse medium)

With Fame Level 26 you can then buy three more transmog templates from the glory master of your pact for the slots back, legs and feet. You pay with anima and grateful gifts.

The third LFR wing of Nathria Castle

The third wing "Blood of Stone" from the LFR version of Nathria Castle has opened. Characters with an item level of 170 or higher can log in through the raid finder and challenge the following three bosses:

Information about the loot (legendary memories and weapon tokens can be found in the following article:

The LFR finals with Count Denathrius will start on February 3rd.

Further events in the new ID

We wish you a lot of fun and good loot!

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