from Karsten Scholz
The artist and Warcraft fan Handclaw has taken on a new project in the universe of World of Warcraft to let off steam creatively: the graphic concept of a war front in the Barrens. You can expect a loading screen, weapons, armor and war equipment.

The dataminers took place for the first time in July 2018 Evidence of a war front in the Barrens. In January 2019, Game Director Ion Hazzikostas confirmed that there was indeed an early prototype in this regard, but it was never further developed.

Now the German artist and Warcraft fan has Handclawthat you already thanks to his great traditional armor designs could know, accepted the topic and designed the graphic concept for such a war front in the Barrens. Also included: a stylish loading screen, armor for the defending tauren and the attacking dwarves, the thematically appropriate weapons for both factions and war equipment, mounts, but also Centaur models (via Wowhead).

For copyright reasons you can find all pictures of the project on the Artstation account of the artist. From our point of view, it is absolutely worth browsing through this and the other Handclaw galleries. It's a shame Blizzard never implemented the war front. Or how do you see that?

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