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With WoW Patch 8.3, no new areas have actually come into play, but two existing ones have been equipped with tons of new content. If you don't want to miss a rare, event or mount, you either have to have a list including a card open or you can rely on the latest plug-in for the popular HandyNotes add-on.

Like every new patch of World of Warcraft (buy now for € 31.95) had too Update 8.3 Visions of N'Zoth not only new content for quest lovers and raiders in the luggage, but also a lot of supplies for collectors of mounts, pets and toys. But these are not just on the street, they want to be found by hard-working players or torn from the paws of dead Rare opponents. But since there are also a few dozen new ones, even ambitious players quickly lose the overview. Helpful add-ons such as HandyNotes are required here. Thanks to numerous plugins, these can show you the position of all important opponents or events for selected areas. These include all rare opponents, but also, for example, the various spawn points of the coveted alpaca. So you can quickly and easily find the opponents that you have to knock down for the coveted mount, pet or toy.

But the addon does not only help you with this. The quests, in which you have to knock out three or more rare enemies, can be completed much faster if you can directly control the various spawn points of the Rares. Or the different places where the chests can appear. These are also shown on the map – just like the points at which the events can take place. Fortunately, you can turn the individual ads on and off. If, for example, you have everything you wanted, you switch off the corresponding item and only activate it for the relevant quests.

The Addon HandyNotes and the right plugin HandyNotes Vision of N'Zoth can be found as a download at the end of the article or as part of BLASC, You can find more on this topic on our topic page World of Warcraft,

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