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To the delight of many players, the Valor Points celebrated their comeback in WoW with patch 9.0.5. However, the amount you can earn per season is limited. To make it easier for you to see how many points you have and how many you can still earn, Blizzard has adjusted the tooltip for valor points.

With the return of the Valor Points In WoW Patch 9.0.5 the developers at Blizzard try to solve some problems with the Mythic Plus dungeons. For example, the long-term motivation should be improved by the visits still giving a reasonably meaningful reward even if the actual equipment can no longer be used due to the low item level. So that the whole thing doesn't turn into an endless grind again, which the developers in Shadowlands actually wanted to say goodbye to, there is an upper limit Valor Pointsthat you can earn during the current season.

This amount is also shown in the tooltip of the Valor Points displayed. However, right next to the amount of points you currently have. That makes a lot of sense at the beginning, because you can see straight away how many you have earned and how many you can still earn. However, once you've already spent points, things get complicated. Because then you can no longer see at first glance how many points you can still earn.
750 / 5,750 means you have 500 points and can earn a maximum of 5,750 this season. But if you have already spent 1,000 points, then you can only earn 4,000 points and not around 5,000, as you might think from the tooltip. So if you wanted to know how many there are still to be earned, you had to remember how many you have already spent.

WoW: Tooltip of bravery points adjusted for better overview (2)

WoW: Tooltip of bravery points adjusted for better overview (2)

Source: Buffed

This will now be simplified a little. In the tooltip you will now find information on how many points you have already earned this season. This is not necessarily to be read intuitively, but at least you don't have to desperately remember what you have already upgraded and how many points it cost. In this case, a small step forward is better than none. Perhaps the whole thing will be formulated in a more understandable way in the foreseeable future.

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