WoW: Affliction Warlock Guide (Patch 8.3)

As part of Patch 8.3, the Affliction Warlock, like all other classes in WoW, can use corrupt items. They replace the Titan forged system for the rest of Battle for Azeroth and have special bonuses, some of which really punch in. But they also increase the corruption of your character, which worries you with all kinds of negative effects. Only the new legendary cloak from Furorion and the essences from Patch 8.3 help. We therefore tell you not only in the updated guide what it looks like on the essence front, but also which corruption effects are best.

This is in our guide: On this page you will find the most important information about the Affliction Warlock. We'll show you what's in WoW (buy now for € 19.99): Battle for Azeroth at the DoT King has changed, gives insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the Affliction style of play and explains how the "Affli" (from English Affliction) performs in raids, arena and when questing against other classes. If you only need a short beginner's guide, you will find it on the next page, so that trying out this way of playing is as smooth as possible. We explain the skills and talents of the Affliction Wizard – you can find further tips on specialization in this guide, so that you can get the most out of this style of play in raids and Mythic dungeons.

The Affliction Warlock Guide is at the state of patch 8.3 and is regularly updated by us.

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With ailments you have chosen a specialization that stands for one thing: damage over time. In contrast to the destruction specialization, you do not rely on decisive, big hits that shake through the opponent, but constantly apply pressure. This way of playing is particularly effective if you are being pushed around by bosses, for example. As you dodge the next AoE space, the damage from your damage-over-time spells (short "DoTs" for damge-over-time) continues to tick.

WoW: Affliction Warlock – major changes in Battle for Azeroth

• The new spell Summon Dark Look extends your DoT spells and deals more damage to each of them.
soul link has only a 15 percent chance of returning a Soul Shard.
• The new talent death Blitz deals 30 percent of the total remaining damage of your active DoT spells.
• The new talent Creeping death lets your DoT spells do their damage 15 percent faster.
sowing only hits one additional target.

That's how strong the Affliction Warlock is in Patch 8.3

The DoT master is still a strong spec and predestined for raids and boss fights. Especially because of the excellent individual damage, if you do it well, you can get a place on the front places of the DpS scale with the Affliction style of play. How the "Affli" (from the English "Affliction" for "Affliction") but in the other areas of Battle for Azeroth, we tell you in the following lines:

Quest & Explore

As was the case in Legion, the Affliction style of play is less direct than, for example, "Destro" or "Demo": Put enemies on your enemies like agony and corruption – If they are dying, you will continue to walk to the next target while the damage continues. Elite opponents really unfold the potential of the spec, because with your cooldown spell Summon Dark Look you can increase your damage immensely in one fell swoop. However, this requires more preparation than the Destruction Sorcerer, his chaos Bolt just let it go and be happy about a large number. Basically, as Affli, you cannot use a variety of AoE spells, but with the right talents you compensate. That's how it is phantom singularity Ideal, for example, for lonely exploration: permanent surface damage that also heals you and can be used every 45 seconds.


As an Affliction Warlock, your spells take a while to take full effect – this only suits low-level dungeons to a limited extent. Because your opponents often die while you are still building DoTs. However, higher levels then allow you to exploit your potential. Especially with bosses who keep you busy, it helps that your warlock can also cast some of his spells from the movement. And your DoTs keep ticking anyway, while you might be prevented. thanks to the soulstones gives you the option to resuscitate a fallen team member while the Healthstonee out Create a fountain of soul can prevent the death of your companions. With fear and Shadowfury you also have two control effects that can interrupt annoying add-ons, making it easier to run through the dungeon.


Currently, the "Affli" is a strong magic DpS class in the raid. Because if you plunge into raids, you don't just bring along Summon Dark Look one of the strongest cooldown spells in the game, but you are not affected by movement like others: While dodging or tactical placement represents a bitter loss of DpS for some of your fellow combatants, your DoTs are unaffected by it. Overall, you are also quite robust, because you have many options to heal yourself. You can also use Demonic circle instantly change position in combat; handy to save the team from damaging debuffs on you, but also to get back to stacking spots. Your help helps in a similar way Demonic gate the whole group to make some boss mechanics easier. Last but not least is yours soulstone a great tool when a friend bites the grass.


High DpS and some control effects to the nerves of your opponents: In PvP the warlock benefits particularly from the fact that he is responsible for the important spells agony and corruption does not have to stop. With the help of Demonic gate and Create a fountain of soul you improve the survival chances of your companions and enable them an ideal retreat. However, the Affli has to beware of physical damage, because as soon as a melee class has its sights on it, it can quickly be over.

About our authors

This guide was written by Matthias "Matze" Brückle. He has devoted himself to the warlock extensively since Battle for Azeroth and can no longer be separated from him. Secretly, however, he prefers to play demonologist.

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