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A long dry spell lies between the release of Shadowlands and Patch 9.1, which should appear on June 30th. While we are thirsting for new content in the Shadowlands, gamers are actually complaining that they need more time for their Patch 9.0 successes and that two weeks are not enough preparation time.

Patch 9.1 will go down in WoW history as the latest X.1 patch of an expansion as a negative example. We have now addressed this several times and are of course still happy that Patch 9.1 of WoW Shadowlands will finally be released on June 30th. For a good seven months we let off steam in the release version of the add-on, played Mythic Plus to the point of vomiting, entered battlefields and arenas and saw Nathria Castle more often than we really liked at the beginning.

We find the reactions from the community all the more surprising. Some would have preferred a little more time in Patch 9.0.5, for others two weeks of preparation time for a patch is not enough.

Two weeks for a TBC release was admittedly not enough time to prepare for an expansion. But especially after seven months, a patch with two weeks’ notice shouldn’t come as a surprise. Some base their opinion on the fact that they quit WoW a long time ago (buy now 14,99 € ) and now need more time to catch up. Well …

Some would have preferred four weeks of preparation time and doubt the quality of Patch 9.1, which according to them should have been tested longer on the PTR.

Some have not yet completed their keystone master success after seven months. Admittedly, you have to do a lot for that, but in retrospect the season 1 key master success will probably be one of the easiest season successes, as you had a lot of time for it

And then there is actually the faction that is upset that Patch 9.1 of WoW falls during the holiday period, of all places. “People want to travel,” it says. Would August have been a non-vacation time? Should Blizzard really be mindful of the summer vacation, etc.? Isn’t traveling a little more complicated than usual anyway due to the current situation in some places?

Sometimes you don’t really get that smart out of players.

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