WoW: Alterac Valley in Classic – you can expect that from December

Although the system of honor has been active in WoW Classic for some time now, many players are looking for honorable victories, especially in the instanced battlegrounds. The good news that has been known for a while: From the 10th of December 2019 we can register for the first two battlefields of WoW history: Warsong Gorge and Alterac Valley.

Since in the last 15 years much in World of Warcraft (buy now for 23,94 €) In this article, we'll tell you how the Alterac Valley Battleground will play in Classic WoW, how to sign up, and what rewards await you.

Which version of the Alteractal awaits us?

No other battlefield in the history of World of Warcraft has undergone as many changes as the Alterac Valley. Let's take a closer look at the adjustments during the Vanilla era: First, with patch 1.8, the NPC opponents were noticeably weakened and resettled, then Korrak and his troll minions even left the valley with 1.10. With patch 1.11 also dozens of NPC-guards deserted, the remaining enemies got another weakening. And last but not least, the battlefield benefited with 1.12 from the new cross-realm feature.

As early as March, Community Manager Kaivax made it clear: Yes, the plan is for us to play the Alteractal version of Patch 1.12. So there are no reinforcement points that were first introduced with The Burning Crusade. Instead, you just have to box around Drek'thar or Vanndar in the enemy fortress to win the battlefield. Commanders and Lieutenants await you, as well as various enhancements added during Classic, but do not get to deal with Korrak and the mass of strong NPC opponents

The rules of the Alterac Valley

WoW Classic: Alteractal - Loading screen

From the 1st of december the WoW Classic will be going to Alterac Valley.

Source: Blizzard

Also in the Vanilla version of the Alterac Valley already fought two groups of 40 players for the victory. But we already mentioned it in the last section: unlike today's Alterac Valley, there is only one ultimate goal: to destroy the enemy's generals, Drek'thar and Vanndar respectively. Once a general is down, the game ends immediately. You can find them in Dun Baldar, in the northern fortress of the Alliance, or in Frostwolf Keep, the Horde's fortress to the south.

With the following side objects you can facilitate the mission:

  • Skin in Iceblood Garrison Captain Galvangar (Alliance) or Stonehearth Outpost Captain Balinda (Horde). Each captain periodically grants buffs to their factions, increasing fighters' health by 20 percent. If the captain of the opponent is in the dirt, there is no more buff. But not only that: In addition, your captain gives you a stronger buff. If you knock over your opponent's captain, bonus credits will be raised, and some NPC troops will not spawn anymore.
  • Take guarded graveyards to push the enemy farther down the map and even have shorter walkways to the front. There are seven cemeteries in total.
  • Capture the enemy's towers or bunkers until they go up in flames. With every ruined tower a bodyguard of the general disappears, which makes the final fight much easier.
  • Lieutenants patrol the streets of Alterac Valley, giving nearby allies a weak buff. If you knock down your opponent's lieutenants, you'll be rewarded with bonus honor, and some NPC troops will not spawn anymore.
  • The commanders guard towers, bunkers, and cemeteries and grant moderate ally a moderate buff. If you knock out the enemy's commanders, bonus honors will be raised, and some NPC troops will not spawn anymore.
  • You would have to fight the generals in their fortress. If you pull her outside, the fight will be back and you will be able to start over.

Special goals and quests in Alterac Valley

In this great battlefield not only fighters of the opposing faction wait for you. You'll also encounter neutral creatures everywhere, and special assignments await you, such as increasing your reputation with the Alterac Valley faction or throwing powerful reinforcements into your opponents.

Reinforce your troops

  • Gather <a href="" title="Armor scraps"target =" _ blank ">Armor scraps in defeated opponents.
  • <a href = "" title = "Armor scraps"target =" _ blank ">Armor scraps can you with Murgot Deepforge (Alliance) respectively Smith Regzar (Horde) to upgrade your troops. 500 each Armor scraps are needed for an upgrade. Three upgrades are possible.
  • Once sufficient <a href = " shreds" title = "Armor scraps"target =" _ blank ">Armor scraps A player with a benevolent reputation with the Alterac Valley faction can activate the upgrade.
  • The exchange gives you a buff that increases your armor by 10 percent for 30 minutes.
  • In addition, the upgrades will cause your general to periodically inflict melee or spell damage buff on all players in the faction. The height of the buff depends on the upgrade level (10, 20 or 30 percent).

Call ground forces

  • Conquer the Coldtooth or Irondeep Mine in Alterac Valley by knocking on the local boss of the mine. Once you've conquered the mine, the miners build <a href = "" title = "Coldtooth supplies "target =" _ blank ">Coldtooth supplies respectively <href=" "title ="Iron Deep supplies"target =" _ blank ">Iron Deep supplies from.
  • To collect the supplies, you need the following quests: <a href = "" title = "Coldtooth supplies"target =" _ blank ">Coldtooth supplies. Iron Deep supplies or the corresponding Horde counterparts. You get these from the Quartermaster in your faction fortress or there you also learn how many supplies have already been collected.
  • Once you've collected 280 supplies from the nearby mine or 70 supplies from the remote mine (seen from your fortress), a player of benevolent reputation can summon ground forces.

Call in the cavalry

Call the Luftwaffe

The Ice Lord may cause the Horde to collect enough Blood from a Stormpike Soldier.

The Ice Lord can cause the Horde to collect enough Blood from a Stormpike Soldier.

Source: buffed

Raise powerful creatures on the enemy

So you sign up for the Alterac Valley

WoW Classic does not yet have an automated group search that allows you to join battlefield queues from anywhere in the world. Instead, you must go to the combat masters in the capitals of your faction and audition them (alternatively, you can also go to the entrance of Alterac Valley Alteracgebirge and register there). You can sign up for Alterac Valley from level 51.

Combat Champion of the Horde

Combat Champion of the Alliance

Rewards of the Alterac Valley

First and foremost, of course, in the games of the Alterac Valley, you earn honor points that feed into the weekly evaluation, and thanks to which you climb up the ranks ladder (unlocking new rewards). In addition, the Alterac Valley also offers special traders (one per faction in the Alterac Valley and in the Alterac Mountains) where you can buy rewards depending on your reputation with the Alterac Valley faction.

Annotation: Since the factions each have their own dealer, there are for some items in the list below corresponding, comparably good counterparts for the other faction. In addition, the traders sell some of their items (such as the rations and associations, but also some armor and weapons) better variants, depending on your character level. Basically, it should be clear what items you can buy at the PvP dealers.

Offer Rufhändler Alteractal

Call farming in Alterac Valley

Those participating in the Alterac Valley fights will automatically develop reputation points for their own Alterac Valley faction. For example, a dead general brings you a reputation, a defeated captain or Lord 125 reputation, and every destroyed tower earns you twelve reputation. Of course there are also call points for defeated commanders, lieutenants, NPC guards and players.

At the end of the game you will be rewarded for additional goals. For example, if your captain is alive, 125 Reputation beckons. every controlled graveyard, tower, and mine will each earn twelve reputation. In addition, there are 18 quests for the Alterac Valley, through which you can earn 250 to even 500 reputation in most cases. We particularly want to highlight the quest <a href = "" title = "The battle for Alterac"target =" _ blank ">The battle for Alterac / <a href = "" title = "The battle for Alterac"target =" _ blank ">The battle for Alteracto follow you on successful completion <a href = "" title = "Hero of the Frostwolves"target =" _ blank ">Hero of the Frostwolves / <a href = "" title = "Hero of the Stormpike"target =" _ blank ">Hero of the Stormpike leads. The latter task rewards you with one of the following weapons:

source: Wowhead

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