WoW: An item level dream for the rich

from Karsten Scholz
Many WoW fans are currently using the time until the start of Shadowlands Season 1 to get to know all the new features of the expansion and to prepare for the upcoming challenges in Castle Nathria or in the Mythic Plus dungeons. If you are lucky or have some gold pieces on the high edge, you will be happy about the many epic, unbound World Drops with item level 190.

The level phase of WoW: Shadowlands is quite short. Correspondingly, many characters are already level 60 and are preparing themselves Season 1 before that on December 09 the Raid Castle Nathria, the Mythic Plus dungeons and the rated PvP. In concrete terms this means:

  • Farm soul ash in Torghast to craft the first legendary item.
  • complete all activities necessary to increase the fame level of your pact.
  • Farming media for the soul bond.
  • to earn the best possible pieces of equipment.

You can currently reach the latter point most efficiently if you first master all Shadowlands dungeons on the mythical level of difficulty (item level 184 drops there, but of course you must first have the appropriate equipment for Mythical), and then see: Where do I have it still slots that urgently need an upgrade? You then fill the existing "holes" with equipment from, for example, the reputation factions or PvP traders.

If you are lucky or have enough gold pieces on the high edge, you can currently take a shortcut when equipping your Azeroth hero. The opponents in the Shadowlands can drop epic World Drops that have an item level of 190. Later (with the start of season 1 ?!), even better loot items with item level 207 will be added. These drops are not only available for almost all branches of weapon, armor types and other slots, they are also tied when donning. In other words: In the auction house you can already buy a varied selection of epic World Drops from the Shadowlands. If you are lucky and bag such an item, you can of course also use the chance to increase your own gold supply. Prices range from 60,000 to 250,000 gold.

WoW: Some gold over? Then you can quickly equip your character with epic World Drops.

WoW: Some gold over? Then you can quickly equip your character with epic World Drops.

Source: Buffed

Here is the list of the previously known World Random Drops from Shadowlands (via Vanion):


Leather armor

Chain armor

Flat armor

Cloth armor



a necklace


By the way, you can alternatively secure a weapon with item level 180 from a treasure in the open world. You can find out more about this in the following article:

What does it look like: Have you already found such a World Drop or even hit the auction house? Let us know in the comments!

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