WoW: Apple Vision – Get the "Rotten Apple" toy!

The Azeroth's heroes should prepare disturbing visions for the horrorwho helped them fight the Old God N'Zoth in WoW (buy now for € 14.99): Battle for Azeroth threatens. Accordingly, this feature has all kinds of terrible and grotesque content to offer, but also rewards brave fighters with some interesting rewards. Collectors get their money's worth, because in addition to various armor items, the visions also hide Mounts, Pets and toys.

A pretty creepy or strange toy, which N'Zoth obviously took possession of personally, is the one Rotten apple, This fun item is very unlikely to drop from the chest of Alleria Windrunner in the Disturbing Vision of Stormwind – and it has a rather mysterious tooltip:

"Use: Place the rotten apple on the floor and of course leave it alone …"

What exactly happens when you actually use the Rotten Apple, the players of the WoW Secret Finding Discord channels found out: Your character actually places the apple on the floor, but the apple will chase you if you move away from it. The apple also flies through the air and then returns to you when you click it. Obviously, a demonic power has taken hold of the apple – after all, it's a rotten apple … Or is there a more harmless explanation for all of this?

Perhaps the Disturbing Visions themselves offer such an explanation: You can positively influence the drop rate for the rotten apple in Alleria's chest by eliminating rotten apples lying around in the vision of Stormwind. There are currently six apple trees in the cathedral district and the canals under which "apples" lie. The trees are in the following positions:

  • / way 57, 55 (three apples lying around)
  • / way 60, 58 (one apple)
  • / way 65, 62 (three apples)
  • / way 72, 67 (four apples)
  • / way 67, 51 (three apples)
  • / way 58, 43 (four apples)

To remove the apples, click on them. Then they either jump away from you because the supposed fruit is actually disguised spiders, or maggots appear that you have to kill. When the spider apples jump away, click on the "apple" until it disappears. This can take three to four clicks per apple.

Destroy as many of the apples around as possible to maximize your chance of dropping on the toy from Alleria's chest. We cannot tell you exactly how high the drop chance for the toy actually is. However, according to current player reports, it should be almost 100 percent if you remove a large amount of apples.

We therefore want to know from you: Have you already had experience with the rotten apples in the disturbing vision of Stormwind? Have you already pulled the toy out of the chest? Let us know in the comments!

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