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After Overwolf bought CurseForge, it has long been clear that the collaboration between Twitch and CurseForge will end. But now the date has also been set when the mod section will disappear from the Twitch app and you will have to download and install your WoW add-ons either by hand or with the new CurseForge app.

It is nearly time. Shortly after purchasing the rights to CurseForge, Overwolf announced that it would be launching its own client for installing and managing mods, including WoW add-ons. The old CurseForge client should be relaunched as a CurseForge app. That has now happened and the new app is already in the open beta phase. But that also means the end of the Twitch app as we know it. This will continue to exist, but it will lose the function of mod management. The complete mod tab will be removed from the app, which will then actually only function as a platform for the transmission of streams. Now Twitch has also announced when the section will be removed. On December 2nd the time has come and the WoW addons will finally disappear from the Twitch app.

You can download the new CurseForge app here.

If you want to have your WoW add-ons managed and installed via an external program from this day on, you have to say goodbye to the Twitch software and use the new CurseForge app. Or you use ours BLASC software. Alternatively, you can of course download WoW add-ons from sites like or and place them manually in the respective folder. But this is quite time-consuming, especially when using numerous add-ons and especially when starting WoW Shadowlands. Because for new extensions, the add-ons naturally have to be updated quite frequently, as the developers have to adapt them to the new content, which repeatedly leads to small errors and hotfixes.

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