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Community Manager Kaivax has once again cut one out in the official WoW forum. Specifically, his post is about all the changes that Blizzard will make to the Burning Crusade Classic PvP system.

Already on the BlizzCon 2021 had announced the Blizzard developersto want to adapt the WoW: Burning Crusade Classic arena system compared to the original from 2007 On the one hand, the matchmaking, which is responsible for assigning teams, is to be modernized. On the other hand, teams should be able to consist of more players than was the case back then, and all team members should only have to play a certain percentage of the games in order to benefit from the rating at the end of the week.

Im WoW-Forum Community Manager Kaivax gave much more specific information about PvP in TBC Classic. In the following we have summarized the most important findings from the post for you:

  • The system used in PvP in 2008 is used for the matchmaking evaluation.
  • Arena teams start with the rating 0 (in 2007 all new teams started with the rating 1,500)
  • The slimming effect (of, for example, stun effects) will have a cooldown time of 15 to 20 seconds.
  • All PvP parts will already require a personal rating in season 1 (in the original TBC that was only the case with the later seasons).

– Pants: Rating of 1,550 or higher
– Chest: Score 1,600 or higher
– Headboard: Score 1,700 or higher
– Weapons: Rating of 2,050 or higher
– Pauldrons: Rating of 2,200 or higher

  • The arena point costs for arena equipment should remain the same across all phases.
  • You get arena points with the weekly ID reset, the amount of the points depends on the team that has earned the most points.
  • In order to receive arena points, your team must have completed at least 10 games per week, and your character must have participated in at least 30 percent of the games. In addition, your personal rating must not be more than 150 rating points away from your team rating.
  • Season 1 will reward the best players with a unique title: Infernal Gladiator (back then, titles weren’t introduced until Season 2).
  • If you want to belong to the “Rank 1” teams, you have to belong to the 0.1 percent best teams at the end of the season. “Gladiator” is only available for the 0.5 percent best teams. If you belong to the top 3 percent, you can call yourself “Duelist”. The top 10 percent are “rivals”. The top 35 percent are “challengers”.
  • In order to be able to receive the seasonal rewards at the end, your personal rating must not be more than 100 rating points away from the team rating. You must also have participated in 20 percent of all games.
  • Tornadoes will appear in the Nagrand Arena, as they did when the arena was first introduced.

The PvP vendors will be adjusted so that their Season 1 offer fits in with the later seasons. Here are the details:

  • Alliance PvP trader
    • Captain Dirgehammer sells level 70 honor armor.
    • Captain O’Neal sells level 70 honor weapons.
    • Master Sergeant Biggins sells pendants, trinkets, rings, and jewels for Season 1.
    • Lieutenant Karter will be the Reins of the Black War Elk sell (was only available from season 4 at that time).
    • Master Sergeant Biggins will be in Season 1 Lamentation of the star and Tears of the star sell (were only available from season 2 at that time).
  • Horde PvP traders
    • Lady Palanseer sells level 70 honor armor.
    • Sergeant Thunderhorn sells level 70 honor weapons.
    • Brave Stonehide sells pendants, trinkets, rings and jewels in Season 1.
    • Raider Bork will be the first in Season 1 Swift warstrider sell (was only available from season 4 at the time).
    • Brave Stonehide will be in Season 1 Lamentation of the star and Tears of the star sell (were only available from season 2 at that time).

What do you think of all the adjustments? Let us know in the comments!

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