from Philipp Sattler
If you are looking for an auction house in WoW Shadowlands, you will only find it in the new capital Oribos. And only if he works as an engineer. Friendly heroes are now increasingly helping their fellow players out of a jam.

As so often in the past of WoW, the center of life of our heroes has shifted with the start of Shadowlands. It followed from Boralus or Dazar'alor Oribos or into the respective sanctum of our pact. Similar to most of the expansion capitals, there was no auction house on either of the islands or in the Shadowlands. So players who wanted access to the trading posts always had to travel to the old world. The exception has always been the engineers, who had access to a mobile auction house in every major capital of the past expansions.

It is no different in Oribos. Engineers go to their special auction house while the rest of the players look down the pipe – mostly anyway. Because lately a trend has developed that should please many players. The starting point is the mobile auction house on the mighty caravan brutosaurus. Only very few could afford this mount, but now more and more often they let others participate. So you can currently see such a mount next to the mailbox in Oribos on many servers.

This is due to the fact that the trend is increasingly prevailing that owners of the dinosaur do not just go afk or log out in their sanctum, but log onto a char that is in Oribos next to the mailbox, saddle up there and then stand around afk. Most of the time, the server's players now have access to an auction house in Oribos and do not have to go to Stormwind or Orgrimmar all the time.

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