Despite the ongoing corona pandemic, Blizzard will again host the Arena World Championship (AWC) and Mythic Dungeon International (MDI) esports tournaments for World of Warcraft in the coming year. However, with the Shadowlands era in mind, some changes are planned to make the competition more epic and exciting in 2021. Those responsible now have what these changes will look like on the official WoW website betray.

Plans for Arena World Championship in 2021

With the start of the 14th edition of the Arena World Championship (AWC), we're adding another season of epic PvP battles to the competition. So in 2021 there will be two AWC seasons, which will end with the big AWC: Shadowlands finale in autumn. We're providing a total of $ 900,000 in prize pool for 2021!

Season 1

Starting today, teams in North America and Europe Register on GameBattles for the open cups of the first season. In addition to a prize pool of USD 10,000, these cups also include points. After completing all four open cups for each region, the eight teams from North America and Europe with the most points qualify for the circuit. In this four-week round-robin tournament, you can look forward to a total prize pool of USD 160,000. The four best teams on the circuit will eventually fight for their share of the $ 200,000 prize pool in the grand finale of Season 1!

Relegation and season 2

After the end of the first season, the preparations for season 2 start. However, there will be no open cups here; instead, the top six circuit teams in each region will compete directly on the season 2 circuit. The remaining places will be filled through an open relegation tournament. In the relegation tournament, the two last-placed teams in the circuit from season 1 from North America and Europe fight against new challengers for their place in the circuit from season 2. The two best teams from each region are allowed to participate.

As in season 1, the remaining teams from North America and Europe will compete in the circuit of season 2 for a prize pool of USD 160,000 and one of four regional places in the final. This finale is not just about an increased prize pool of USD 300,000 but also the title of AWC: Shadowlands Champions 2021!

Mythic Dungeon International plans in 2021

After the ongoing success of Mythic Dungeon International (MDI) and with the dungeons out Shadowlands as a new challenge we are going into the next round – but this time in the sense of a truly international competition without the previous regional restrictions. The MDI 2021 will be divided into two separate seasons – each with their own epic global finals – and several individual tournaments. This gives players from all over the world several opportunities to secure their share of the prize pool of over USD 750,000.

The first global MDI

While China gets its own MDI program in 2021, the rest of the world will compete against each other in 2 global seasons. Each season consists of 4 cups, which ultimately culminate in the Global Finals. Teams wishing to participate must register for time trials. Every week the best 8 teams worldwide are rewarded with a place in one of the MDI Cups. There the players compete for points as well as their share of a prize pool of USD 20,000. After completing the four cups, the six teams with the most points advance to the Global Finals. They are joined by two teams from the Chinese MDI program. These eight teams will then compete for their share of the $ 300,000 prize pool and the MDI Global Champions title.

The first MDI season 2021 starts on January 14th, but you can already join GameBattles now Sign in!

Individual events

In addition to the MDI seasons, there will also be two separate tournaments in 2021, in which players can compete in the dungeons in a unique way Shadowlands can ask. With various tournament formats, we are shedding a whole new light on the competitive dungeon. Keep an eye out for more information in the coming months!

New seasonal affix: pride

Pride – The first affix for the first season of Shadowlands means pride. When the affix pride is active, players will overflow with pride as they defeat regular opponents, which eventually becomes a manifestation of pride. After this has been defeated, the player characters are greatly empowered. This opens up completely new strategies for you to face the upcoming challenges together with your group.

New dungeons

Shadowlands brings new challenges for MDI teams with eight brand new dungeons. Check out ours Article about the dungeons of Shadowlands and find out everything you need to know about the dungeons in the latest expansion of World of Warcraft (buy now € 14.99 ) prepare.

How does it look: Are you looking forward to the upcoming esports tournaments in WoW or are you leaving the area cold? Let us know in the comments!

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