WoW: Balance Druid – DPS Guide (BfA 8.3)

We'll show you what's going on with the owl Wow (buy now for € 26.99)Battle for Azeroth has changed, explain the strengths and weaknesses of the gameplay and compare the performance of the druid in raids, arenas and in solo play with the performance of other classes and gameplay. On the other pages you will also find a short beginner's guide, we explain in detail the skills and talents of the balance druid and give you solid information on how to play in order to get the most out of the druid in raids and mythic dungeons.

The balance druid DPS Guide is at the Battle for Azeroth Patch 8.3 booth and is constantly adapted by us to new updates.

With this table of contents you can quickly and easily find the area of ​​the guide to the balance druid that you are looking for.

WoW: Balance Druid – that changed with Patch 8.3

WoW: Balance Druid – that changed with Battle for Azeroth

In terms of play, not much has changed in the balance druid. The effects of your former artifact weapon and a popular legendary are now talents, and otherwise the rotation remains relatively the same. The additional authorizations that happen to be from Solar anger and Lunar strike triggered, give the game style a little more random factor and at the same time make it a little rounder. In spite of everything, in Battle for Azeroth, too, the owl's way of playing revolves, firstly, in keeping DoTs upright and secondly, in gaining and consuming astral power. Depending on the talent distribution, you use different spells for this, the actual rotation always remaining similar. So if you already got on well with the balance druid in Legion, you won't have any problems in Battle for Azeroth either.

WoW: So strong is the balance druid in patch 8.3

With the change from Legion to Battle for Azeroth, the owl has slipped significantly in both the DpS rankings and the simulations. Most bosses are more balanced than fierce counterparts, but more than one place in midfield is not enough. Balance druids suffer especially when a lot of movement is required during a fight. This ensures that they often fall back a bit in high-level raids and quickly reach their limits even in heated PvP. But as soon as several goals are distributed, the owl shows its full potential.


If you are traveling alone with your owl, then most opponents will not pose any major problems. You attack from a distance, causing almost every enemy to die before it reaches you. The talent helps here Balance of nature enormously. As a result, you don't have to build up astral power first, but can do it directly after applying both of your DoTs Star suction get started and chop your way through the mobs even faster. You only get problems if you mess with several opponents at the same time. In that case you access the typhoon back to make room for you and escape from the mobs while they are on Moonfire and Sunfire perish.


For the owl, it depends on what kind of dungeon you play. At low levels, most enemies die too quickly to really benefit from the high damage done by your DoTs. At higher levels, however, things look very different. Here the owl shows its full potential. In general, the balance druid is made for mythical plus dungeons. In addition to the interruption by Sunbeam can he with typhoon relocate the opponents and thus prevent them from working magic. He also has Hibernate and Entangling roots two control effects in store. And if that's not enough, the treats are used, which not only cause damage, but also with affixes like Necrotic or Moody are very valuable. Last but not least, the owls can also use Soothe Anger effects like with Angry remove and make the run much easier for your group.


In the raids, the owl depends a lot on whether it is allowed to stand still most of the time and how many goals it is dealing with. The less she has to move and the more targets she is allowed to cultivate, the better the owl does. However, only if the opponents live long enough. But beyond pure damage, balance druids can help their raid. Every healer is happy about that Stimulate the owls and also the Rebirth is not wrong.


In the first place, the balance druids in the arenas and battlefields annoy their counterparts. Damage is only in second place on the to-do list. With their many control skills and high mobility, owls are hard to grasp. However, their damage drops rapidly as soon as they are put under pressure. With the DoTs, however, they cause constant damage to their opponent, which is very important.

About our authors

This guide was written by Philipp "Karangor" Sattler written. In addition to his paladin, Philipp has also played the druid in all roles and specializations since WotLK. As a rule, however, it moves through the raids as a bear or sapling, as healers and tanks are always in short supply.

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