WoW Shadowlands starts in a few weeks! But until the release you have some time to deal with your new animal mastery hunter and his powerful animal companions as a WoW beginner. In this guide we take a closer look at the popular "Bestmaster" in Patch 9.0.1 and explain to you which changes and adjustments are currently important and what you currently have to pay attention to as a hunter in World of Warcraft.

The Beast Mastery Hunter in Patch 9.0.1

The 3 most important class changes
For beast mastery hunters there are three important class adjustments with patch 9.0, which directly or passively influence the way you play.
• Aspect of the wild is no longer subject to global cooldown.
• The AoE attacks predator strikes and multi-shot now hit a maximum of five targets.
• Fatal Shot is making a comeback!
Like almost all other damage components, Beast Mastery Hunters have lost some penetration with patch 9.0.1. The reason for this is the lack of corruption effects, which Blizzard removed from the game with the pre-patch. The mink club does not hit the beast mastery hunter so hard, after all, the Beastmaster is still one of the strongest ranged fighters in WoW at the moment (buy now ). This is partly due to strong Azerite perks like Primal instincts and Dance of deaththat have clearly gained in importance again after the disappearance of corruption. You will learn more about this a little later.

In the raid, established Beast Mastery Hunters will notice next to nothing of current class adjustments. In dungeons, things look a little different. Blizzard's developers have limited the AoE damage of most classes to a certain number of opponents. You meet Multiple shot so no longer all opponents in front of you, but a maximum of five targets. The same rule applies to your companion's predatory lashes. However, since the AoE Nerf hits all classes, the Beastmaster is no worse off than it was before patch 9.0.1 The trash battles in Mythic Plus dungeons take a little longer, but in the damage meter everything stays the same for you.

In terms of talent, by and large, there are no major changes. Blood smell is the best choice in the second row of talent at the moment. One with the pack (same row) is also strong, but only if you are well equipped and well-socketed. This short guide is aimed primarily at animal mastery beginners who want to try out this popular hunter game (By the way, you can find hunter-level guides from level 50 to 60 for WoW Shadowlands here). Therefore you should in general Blood smell to prefer. We recommend the following talents for battles against an opponent.

Level 15: Animal companion
Level 25: Blood smell
Level 30: Natural healing
Level 35: Hunting fever
Level 40: impromptu
Level 45: Stamping
Level 50: Trained cobra

What would the Beast Mastery Hunter be without his companions? With the talent animal companion (level 15) you even get a second strong pet at your side.

What would the Beast Mastery Hunter be without his companions? With the talent animal companion (level 15) you even get a second strong pet at your side.

Source: Buffed

In the third row of talent you have the choice between Pioneer and Natural healing. Both talents have their advantages depending on the combat situation. Natural healing is a good all-rounder who will serve you well both in quests and in dungeons. Pioneer on the other hand, it is situationally good if you want to increase your mobility in routine fights. At level 40 you have to weigh up whether you impromptu prefer or prefer your teammates Binding shot want to actively support. Attention: In most high-level Mythic Plus dungeons Binding shot definitely a must! In the last talent row you choose Trained cobra for single goals and Aspect of wildlife for AoE fights. Trained cobra gives you during the term of Wrath of the wild animal a lot Kill Orders and thus fits harmoniously into your style of play. Makes for chaotic battles with many trash opponents Aspect of wildlife however, more sense, because the talent strengthens the area damage of your companion (keyword Stamping and Predatory lashes) without having to pay extra attention to your procs and cooldowns.

The following values ​​are important for animal domination hunters:

  1. agility
  2. Critical Hit Rating
  3. Tempo = versatility
  4. championship

As a rule, you should always prefer a weapon with a higher item level. When it comes to secondary stats, Speed ​​and Critical Hit Rating have the edge. Only when fighting against multiple targets does championship move up the list. Namely, the value increases the damage of Stamping (Level 45 Talent) and Predatory lashes.

We already mentioned at the beginning that the Beastmaster will stay with the classic Azerite perks and essences in Patch 9.0.1. Primal instincts and Dance of death are your favorites. Haze of Anger is an acceptable alternative since agility procs are always a good choice. In fights with three or more opponents Quick reload for a real firework of damage. The perk doesn't offer you as many advantages outside of AoE fights as the two all-rounders Primal instincts and Dance of death. With tier 3 perks, everything stays the same. Overwhelming power, Unstable flames and Elementary vortex are the perks of your choice. What you choose in the last circle doesn't really matter. Just choose Take cover, Unresponsive face or Reverberant protection.

On the subject of great essences: Vision of perfection is perfect if your over three Primal instincts -Perks features. If this is not the case, then is Resonance from the world vein a good essence alternative. We recommend for newcomers Essence of the focusing iris. The iris does solid damage and is very easy to get in the game. For low essences you prefer: Crucible of flames, Conflict and discord and Remembering the lucid dream (as a useful alternative for the iris).

With patch 9.0.1 all hunter game styles get Fatal shot back to their spellbooks. For animal rulers, the so-called finisher does not play the main role even in the final phase of the fight. But more on that in a moment. Let's take a closer look at the Beastmaster's priorities for now:

  1. Spiked arrow (rage always keep active on the target!)
  2. Wrath of the wild animal and Aspect of the wild (on cooldown)
  3. Fatal shot (if the opponent falls below 20 percent health)
  4. Kill order (on cooldown)
  5. Cobra shot (to consume focus)
  6. Multiple shot (with several opponents and around Predatory lashes to trigger)

Beast's Wrath and Aspect of the Wild are your primary damage cooldowns. So use them wisely to shorten the fight.

Beast's Wrath and Aspect of the Wild are your primary damage cooldowns. So use them wisely to shorten the fight.

Source: Buffed

Whether at the beginning of a fight or at the end – Spiked arrow and rage always have the highest priority. Leaves rage so never run out on your destination (the best thing to do is make an extra ad for it via WeakAuras)! Refresh your most important DoT spell regularly (preferably already at 1.5 charges). Consumes both charges of Spiked arrowbefore her Aspect of the wild activated when its over three Primal instincts -Perks features. Keep the runtime of Wrath of the wild animal in mind if her the talent Trained cobra have chosen. In this time window you should take turns with Cobra shot and Kill order attack. Pay attention to Cobra shot however, always make sure that you have enough focus for Kill order leave behind.

When fighting multiple opponents is Multiple shot your preferred attack. The shots solve by the way Predatory lashes and thus cause a lot of area damage. There Multiple shot and Predatory lashes with patch 9.0.1 only hit five opponents, you should pay attention to which target you are aiming for. It is best to attack the opponent in the middle of the group if possible, because otherwise you run the risk that the area damage to your companion will largely be ineffective.

Improvements to go

Weapon – Storm Force Strike
Ring – Alliance of Critical Strike

Leviathan's Eye of Agility (1x)
Octopus Eye of Agility (1x)
Deadly Lavalazuli

Flask & Potion:
Big Vial of the Currents
Drink of unbridled anger

Buff food:
Mech-Dowels "Big Mech"As a ranged fighter, you not only have offensive cooldowns, but also special spells that strengthen your defenses. We introduce you to the most important skills that will increase your survival.

Aspect of the turtle repels all attacks and briefly reduces all damage you take. This spell is your trump card for intercepting deadly boss mechanics or targeting enemy DoT effects. Keep in mind that you cannot attack while Aspect of the Turtle is active. So that you don't have to look for the turtle in your buff bar in the middle of a fight, we recommend the following macro:

#showtooltip aspect of the turtle
/ cast aspect of the turtle
/ cancelaura aspect of the turtle

With the first click you activate Aspect of the turtle. Use the macro a second time if you have intercepted an attack with the tank and then want to end the aspect buff immediately.

Ecstasy is your mandatory self-healing spell for emergencies. Joy is especially important because it immediately heals your companion, i.e. your main source of damage, by 100 percent. If you are often alone in the free world, then we definitely recommend this cooldown with the talent Natural healing (Level 30) to be completed.

Dead spots is your emergency spell when you want to escape from a hopeless fight.

Animal companion in detail and other helpful macros

Your companion's attacks account for a large part of your damage. Logical. Too bad that the basic attacks of your pets (claw, bite and Strike) only hit with a delay. This does not matter in a short fight, but in longer fights this delay is noticeable. To get around this problem, we advise you to combine your own attacks via macro with the basic ability of your companion (of all animal families). Simply add the following lines to the macro with one of your attacks:

/ cast claw
/ cast bite
/ cast strike

Especially beginners often find it difficult to keep track in AoE battles. This Kill order -Macro helps you to change the target cleanly in chaotic fights. At the Multiple shot this macro is particularly useful because the Predatory lashes of your pets then go exactly at the opponents who are directly at the main target.

#showtooltip kill order
/ petattack
/ cast kill order

#showtooltip multi-shot
/ petattack
/ cast multi-shot

Should you have chosen a powerful spirit beast as your main companion, then you can with this one Spiritual healing -Macro either heal a fellow player (for example in an emergency) or actively heal yourself.

#showtooltip spiritual healing
/ cast (@ mouseover, help, nodead) (@ player) Spiritual healing

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