from Sara Petzold
The sexism scandal at Blizzard is drawing wide (re) circles in WoW: The developers have now renamed several successes in the English language version that players could previously have found unsuitable.

After the developers at Blizzard as a result of the Sexism scandals already references affected team members removed from their games now it’s time for Achievements in World of Warcraft. Several successes, the names of which can be considered inappropriate, have therefore now been given new names in the English language version.

No more “bros” and big eggs

The changes specifically affect the following two successes, each of which will be renamed:

That the developers are now renaming the successes is a direct result of the team’s promise to remove inappropriate, potentially sexist content from WoW (buy now 14,99 €) to remove. The team wrote in the official announcement of July 27, 2021:

Additionally, while we seek advice from our team in our internal work to protect minorities and hold those who threaten them accountable, we want to act immediately to remove allusions in Azeroth that are inappropriate for our world. This work is already in progress and you will see several such changes in both Shadowlands and WoW Classic in the coming days.

A particularly prominent example was that Removed the NPC Field Marshal Afrasiabi from Stormwind. The renaming of the Achievements adds to the amount of customizations to do with it. We do not yet know whether the German successes will also receive new names. But since the German-language versions of both achievements (“My bag is from Dolce & Giganta‘” as “Brotherly Christmas“) sound harmless, we are not assuming a name change.

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