WoW: Become an engineer in Shadowlands

from Norbert Rätz
In the upcoming expansion of World of Warcraft Shadowlands, the crafting and collecting professions after Battle for Azeroth will be completely updated again. In this game tip, we show you which tools prospective engineers should definitely get.

The engineering profession is one of the most popular self-catering professions in World of Warcraft, because in addition to the production of useful belt enchants, glasses, weapons or riflescopes, it allows the production of unique gimmicks or mounts, the latter for the entire duration of an expansion and also financially very can be rewarding. A disadvantage of the profession is that certain basic tools are not reissued in every extension. If, for example, you need a repair bot or an anvil, you have to fall back on older recipes, which can sometimes be difficult to earn after splitting the skill levels. The engineering favorite Jeeves is a prime example because it not only requires a lot of materials to manufacture, but also the level 75 of engineering from Nordend.

But it is also cheaper if you do without highlights like Jeeves. Below we present a handful of tools that are not included in the Shadowlands update, but are essential for engineers.

  • Nitro booster: The nitro booster from the tinkering category increases your running speed considerably for a few seconds and is particularly popular in PvP. It is attached to the belt as an enchantment and needs to be learned Level 30 of Nordend engineeringwhat is still acceptable in terms of time and costs.
  • Thermal anvil: The positionable anvil is very useful if you want to manufacture engineering objects away from forges. The recipe is available if you have the Engineering art from Pandaria learned and at level 25 levels what is done quickly.
  • Gobling ladder kit: The gobling ladder kit is essential at the start of the Shadowlands expansion, where you cannot fly for about a year. It reduces your fall speed for 2 minutes and, as a parachute, saves you a lot of annoying walking or riding. You will receive the recipe automatically when you receive the Draenor engineering he learns.
  • Reaves' rechargeable battery: Reaves is a multi-purpose bot that can be upgraded with various modules, including the repair option that is essential for engineers. Its only disadvantage compared to the Nordend bot Jeeves is that there is no module for bank access. Reaves' rechargeable battery, the rechargeable version of Reaves, you get when you get the Legion engineering learned and completed about a dozen crafting quests that start with engineering instructors in Dalaran above the Broken Isles.

WoW Shadowlands: The new engineering glasses (Source: Buffed)

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